Ghost Fields - Overview, Quests, Research, Support
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Ghost Fields - Overview, Quests, Research, Support

Duncan Thomson
"Chillbarrow Mire is an old battlefield where ranks of warrior spirits line up to fight again each night."

A version of the fields from the Overview of the Fields random table.

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Introducing the Ghost Fields

The Ghost Fields is an Adventure Site using random tables. Use, adapt or steal anything that is useful for your games. Suitable for sandbox games, one shots, side quests or world building.

The themes of Frost [Fr],  Gloom [Gm], Spirits [Sp] and Wolves [Wo] can be supported using the Ghost Fields. Each table has entries supporting them.

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as the Ghost Fields.

Ghost Fields Adventure Site on DM's Guild Adventure Site Bundle on DM's Guild

Ghost Fields tables - intro | outer fields | inner fields

Overview of the Fields

Roll or choose a version of the Fields for your game.

1d20Overview of the Fields
1-2 The Wolf Wilds have shrines that attract wolves and creatures they feed on. Howls on the wind fill the night. Theme - Wolves [Wo]
3-4 All year winter grasps the Moor of the Ice Witch. Among other graves is the tomb of a warlock who cursed the area. Theme - Frost [Fr]
5-6 Chillbarrow Mire is an old battlefield where ranks of warrior spirits line up to fight again each night. Theme -Spirits [Sp]
7-8 A cave in the Valley of Winter has a portal that opens at midnight to the Shadowfell. A cult seeks to master it. Theme - Gloom [Gm]
9-10 The nomadic Wolf Tribe guard the Fields of the Fallen.. Their ancestors and foes died here in many pitched battles. Theme - Wolves [Wo]
11-12 Many creatures of ice and winter gather at the Frost Meadows, drawn by ancient sites sacred of a deity of winter. Theme - Frost [Fr]
13-14 Many have perished in The Lifeless Steppes. A curse lingers there, and those there at night are touched by madness. Theme - Gloom [Gm]
15-16 In the depths of Chillclaw Barren three siblings were buried for their crimes. Haunting shrieks beg for their release. Theme - Spirits [Sp]
17-18 An ice fiend is trapped in the Ruins of Frostbite Hollow. Locals make sacrifices to keep them them. Themes - Frost [Fr] and Gloom [Gm]
19-20 A powerful seer lives in the Crying Hills, said to speak to wolves and the dead alike. Theme - Wolves [Wo] and Spirits [Sp]

Quests and Character Ties for the Fields

For only results of an NPC with a quest roll 1d10. For only results tying a character to the Fields roll 1d10+10.

1d20Quests and Character Ties for the Fields
1-2 An follower of a winter deity (roll on NPCs) seeks the spellbook of an frost wizard buried somewhere in the Fields. [Fr]
3-4 A member (or ally) of the Wolf Tribe (roll on NPCs) wants help finding a wolf or cub worthy to use as a mount. [Wo]
5-6 The agent of a merchant (roll on NPCs) is hunting for a magic item in the fields. They know the location it was last seen.
7-8 A famed artist (roll on NPCs) wants to draw or paint spirits in the fields. Wants companions to help them survive there. [Sp]
9-10 A member of a cult (roll on NPCs) wants someone to investigate a particular cave at night. [Gm]
11 A character is cursed and the source is within the fields. [Gm]
12 A character has a wolf companion which is drawn to the Fields. [Wo]
13 A character is on a pilgrimage to the fields for a deity of winter. [Fr]
14 A character is haunted by a grandparent's spirit. They want to be put to rest in the fields. [Sp]
15 A character has grown up near the fields, hearing about their legends.
16 A character has a question for a spirit tied to the fields. [Sp]
17 A character is part of a cult that seeks secrets among the fields. [Gm]
18 A character is a descendant of a user of frost magic buried here. [Fr]
19 A character's dreams are filled with wolves among frozen ruins. [Wo]
20 A character's friend (or relative) recently went missing in the fields.

Available Support and Aid

These might be offered as a quest reward, to help out the group, as part payment or at a reasonable price from a local.

1d20Available Support and Aid
1-2 1d4+1 holy symbols of a deity of winter. [Fr]
3-4 A wolf (or dire wolf) suitable as a companion or mount. [Wo]
5-6 A scroll of speak with dead. [Sp]
7-8 1d6 doses of a herbal potion giving Darkvision 60 ft. for 1d3 hours. May have aftereffects of temporary blindness or tiredness. [Gm]
9-10 2d4 flasks of alchemist's fire or roll on Treasures of the Fields.
11-12 Four silver charms in the shapes of bears. They are said to help in warding off spirits. [Sp]
13-14 1d4 commoners with own supplies willing to work as assistants. They are part of a local cult or secret society. [Gm]
15-16 A potion of cold resistance. [Fr]
17-18 A Wolf Tribe guide (roll on NPCs) who is wary of spirits. [Wo]
19 One or more trained axe beaks with saddles as mounts or pack beasts.
20 A berserker axe which is known to be cursed.

Rumours and Research of the Fields

Each rumour has optional information which might be found with research or a successful check.

1d20Rumours and Research of the Fields
1-2 A famed slayer of wolves is buried here (DC 15 History reveals the axe Wolfsbane buried with them, but local tribe watches grave). [Wo]
3-4 A local sells charms to ward off spirits (DC 15 Investigate reveals the name of a hermit who makes them and lives by the fields). [Sp]
5-6 There is a palace of ice in the fields (DC 15 Arcana reveals that it is likely on a nexus tied to elemental energy). [Fr]
7-8 The locals sacrifice strangers in the fields (DC 15 Insight reveals someone they are talking to is closely assessing them). [Gm]
9-10 This old skull can guide them to a ruin in the fields (DC 15 Medicine reveals that it belongs to a orc and isn't so old).
11-12 There is a cave that leads to another world (DC 15 Arcana or Religion reveals the destination sounds like the Shadowfell). [Gm]
13-14 Wolves are attracted to a ruin in the fields (DC 15 Nature or Survival reveals they would normally avoid such a place). [Wo]
15-16 There is a seer speaks to spirits (DC 20 Religion or DC 15 Nature reveals the seer is also a shapechanger who speaks to wolves). [Sp]
17-18 The area is associated with a powerful frost witch (DC 15 Persuasion or Intimidate turns up a map showing grave of the witch. [Fr]
19-20 A deity of frost lives in the fields (probably false but DC 15 Perception or Survival reveals they are being followed by something).

More Tables

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as the Ghost Fields.

Ghost Fields Adventure Site on DM's Guild Adventure Site Bundle on DM's Guild

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