Feywild Locations for Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventures
Feywild Encounter Locations Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Feywild Locations for Dungeons and Dragons 5e Adventures

Duncan Thomson
"Large leaves float on a calm lake, punted by animated sticks. Frogs of many sizes watch from lily pads, the water and colorful rocks."

Tables for Wilderness, Semi-Civilised and Unusual Feywild locations. Result is from Feywild Unusual Locations.

Locations for unusual terrain - feywild | jungle | road | ruins | sea | shadowfell

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Feywild Encounter Locations

The Feywild is an enchanted reflection of the Prime Material plane. Wide verdant meadows, ancient shadowy groves and sparkling rivers sludge are home to paths of flowers, shimmering waterfalls, talking trees and gardens of hungry roses.

There is a 5e Feywild random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And a separate tool for encounter locations including Feywild.

There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as  Feywild Encounters

Feywild Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

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Feywild Wilderness Locations

d8+d12 Feywild Wilderness Locations
2 A river of white froth in a steep valley (there are big green lights)
3 A bridge of thick vines across a chasm. Shimmering snails cover the cliff sides (there is a pile of colorful pebbles)
4 A blue pool full of singing fish (nearby are green mushroom rings)
5 An area of shrubs lit by faerie fire and a mound of huge shells (there are several bunches of flowers)
6 A standing stone surrounded by flowers with an overpowering scent (there is a rope ladder and a hole in the top of the stone)
7 An area of glowing grass (the sky is full of clouds in strange shapes)
8 A glistening fire by a quartz rock (near to a meadow of purple moss)
9 A patch of enchanted grass by a fallen tree (jaunty music is playing)
10 A river with elf-sized lily pads (fireflies cover the area)
11 A pair of vine-covered cave mouths (associated with a fey goblin)
12 A meadow of ghostly flowers with a bush of orange roses in the center (close by is an eerie arch of stone)
13 A shining crystal structure with notches marked up one side. It is surrounded by reeds (there are many leaves swirling around)
14 A deep lake covered in patches of humming seaweed. There is a beached boat shaped like a swan (a flowery smell covers the area)
15 An illuminated pond near a few trees heavy with fruit (several moving vines extend from the pond)
16 A plant-covered mesa with a giant pink tree (it has a splendid view)
17 A radiant pool fed by a spring, beside a tar pit (there is thick fog)
18 A shimmering waterfall in front of a cave-mouth. Patches of blue flowers grow to one side (written in Elven is an incomplete poem)
19 A field of mushrooms as big as trees (each has a bright light on top)
20 A pair of beanstalks beside a cliff with many caves (there is a bird nest with bright red eggs

Feywild Baleful Locations

Many Feywild locations are twisted reflections of the material world.

1d8+1d12Feywild Baleful Locations
2 A plateau covered in blood-stained snow. Stone spikes jut from the ground (there is a hole of magical darkness)
3 A meadow of tar pits and bright poison berries (heavy rain is falling)
4 A tree growing bones, moldy fruit and cocoons of slime. Many insects are flying around (there is a hidden cave entrance)
5 An iced-over pool of gray sludge surrounded by bracken. Eyes watch from a nearby tree (there is wailing from a nearby cave mouth)
6 A turbulent river with rapids disguised by a hallucinatory terrain. Pieces of debris line one bank (there are the bones of two centaurs)
7 A garden of putrid vegetables coated in goo (there are blue spores)
8 A tainted river fed by a spring of thick gray liquid. Fat dragonflies feed on floating brown lumps (nearby is a pile of chattering skulls)
9 Desolate ruins infested with spiders and carnivorous plants. A statue points an arm at the sky (there is the corpse of a pixie)
10 A wide cave entrance by a muddy stream. Several boots are stuck in the mud (a violent storm is approaching)
11 A pulsating growth of red vines floats over a swamp of deep muck (there is a mournful dirge coming from a crevice)
12 A circle of obsidian rocks carved into animal shapes. Long damp grass grasps at intruders (there are a few stringy pale fungi)
13 A beach of mossy stones by a lake of bubbling liquid. On the shore is a boat with two coffins (there is a cloud of greenish smoke)
14 A garden of bulbous purple mushrooms beside an ugly gorge. A basket holds several mushrooms. (there is a grotesque statue)
15 A maze of wet webs and grasping thorns (a voice screams for help)
16 A field of withered black flowers with a lone tree (vivid hail is falling)
17 A slate cliff with an eroded bone shrine to a power of darkness. Bats watch from cracks and fissures (there is an putrid smell in the air)
18 A clearing of sticky fungi that clings to everything. There is a whispering cairn surrounded by bones (there are many worms here)
19 A shallow river with a layer of scum and black jellyfish. Beside it a chimney billows thick smoke (flies cover the area)
20 A wide pit with a moving oily liquid covered in bugs. It is surrounded by slippery ice (a blizzard is starting)

Feywild Unusual Locations

1d8+1d12Feywild Unusual Locations
2 A gigantic orange tree towers over fields of sparkling berries. Many creatures live among the branches, moving around via thick vines.
3 On a crystal river sits a ship made of plants and thorns. Animated rosebushes stalk the shore, serving an infamous fey spellcaster.
4 Reaches of Twilight. Atop a glowing cliff sits a grove of petrified trees and yellow rocks. It is associated with moonlight and shapechangers gather every few weeks for noisy celebrations.
5 A pathway of floating shields crosses a wide chasm. Below is a shifting maze of rocks, caves, webbing and sinister trees.
6 An island of clear stone drifts on a bubbling lake. Music emanates from the waters, resonating with the island. There are several depictions of a a satyr playing pipes.
7 A grass path skirts a copse of aspen trees. A pond shows visions of surrounding lands. Any resting here experience a calming peace.
8 The River's Rise. A powerful river flows up a tree and into a mountain of green stone. Color-shifting moss clings to many surfaces
9 A meadow of grand flowers and floating seeds. Illusions appear at random and fey gather here. A cage holds two sleeping beasts
10 Amidst a clearing of sickly pink berries is a circle of cracked stone. A trapped spirit whispers to visitors, cursing any who ignore them.
11 Large leaves float on a calm lake, punted by animated sticks. Frogs of many sizes watch from lily pads, the water and colorful rocks.
12 Library of Scents. A circle of fern-covered mounds sits in a sea of flowers. Each mound has a unique scent, wrapped in curled leaves.
13 A shimmering ravine holds ledges of sparkling green mushrooms. Ash-covered steps lead up to a cave mouth marked by Sylvan runes
14 A fountain is surrounded by hedges of golden roses. Drinker of the water can shape the programmed illusion hovering above the area.
15 From a cave-riddled hill, a river flows through the sky. It disappears into a bronze tower covered in feathers. Rafts float on the river.
16 Valley of the Evoker. A floating slab of stone acts as a ferry around a valley. Elemental energy leaks into the area, causing burning winds, lightning strikes, whirlpools of mud, rivers of ice and geysers of lava.
17 A fallen giant of an oak tree has many trees growing atop it. The trunk is hollow carved patterns are and lit by swarms of fireflies.
18 An empty coach made of giant vegetables follows a path of smooth rock. There is a spectacular view and dying trees line the path.
19 A rainbow bridge leads to a tree thrusting into the sky. Its branches end in mist and sparkling motes, leading to far-away destinations.
20 Winter's Mill. Snows fall around a windmill with shimmering sails. It sits atop an ice-covered hill, with several red-stained bone shrines.

More Encounters and Locations

There is a 5e Feywild random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And a separate tool for encounter locations including Feywild.

There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as  Feywild Encounters

Feywild Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

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