Random Tables for Festive One Shots for Dungeons and Dragons
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Random Tables for Festive One Shots for Dungeons and Dragons

Duncan Thomson
The characters are cousins searching for the perfect present for their tired grandparent. At a dangerous sled-racing circuit they contend with a green furry ogre who wants to ruin all the festive fun. There are magical reindeer, a drinking game and the arrival of an unwelcome guest...

Random tables for festive one-shots

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Festive One-Shot Adventures

Festive and holiday themes are great for one-shots. Feel good fun or festive wackiness for one week only.

Here there are tables for characters with a shared goal, a main adversary or person in need. Plus locations, minions and complications.

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Festive One-Shot Adventures.

Festive One Shot Random Tables on DM's Guild Festive Tables and Encounters Bundle

The Characters are...


Festive One-Shot - The Characters are...

1 villagers searching for an amazing tree to take home
2 excited strangers with invites to a unique murder mystery feast
3 work colleagues determined to have fun at a mandatory festive party
4 gnomes (or goblins) trying to find a flying broom for an adventure
5 rogues celebrating one of them getting married the next day
6 cousins searching for the perfect present for their tired grandparent
7 hunters trying to find something suitable for a communal feast
8 disguised agents trying to rescue one or more family members
9 couriers with magical gifts they are to deliver no matter what happens
10 guests in fancy costumes hoping to make an impression at a party
11 a local celebrity and their entourage here to turn on some lights
12 halflings on a family holiday with a massive picnic
13 neighbors trying to discover the best festive drink
14 performers trying to fill gaps for the midnight festive entertainment
15 music fans traveling to see a famous bard play
16 fellow travelers seeking shelter from cold weather
17 siblings and adopted siblings who want the perfect night
18 workers searching for a particular gift for their young ones
19 a group of hopeful contestants in a talent (or dance) contest
20 toys given mortal form who want to find a home

Adversary or Creature in Need..

1d20Adversary or Creature in Need..
1 a desperate fey who wants a sacrifice for an ancient festive ritual
2 a dramatic succubus / incubus who is planning a murder or two
3 a mage is trying to get an enchanted sled to distribute gifts from
4 a hag who needs specimens to try a batch of "enchanted" mead
5 a ghost who seeks release by finding a partner to finish their wedding
6 an awakened tree horrified by the plight of their decorated kindred
7 a playful young white dragon looking to start its treasure hoard
8 a heartless bandit captain who is searching for a vault of gold
9 a lamia who believes all festive gifts should belong to them
10 a wealthy noble who is determined no one will enjoy the festivities
11 A githzerai monk is is trying to find the meaning of the festive season
12 a yeti (or abominable yeti) trying to abduct small sized humanoids
13 an awakened giant turkey (axebeak stats) who is trying to find it's mate
14 a deva needs help trying to sell barrels of cider on behalf of another
15 a musician with a catchy song that enchants those who sing it
16 the local ruler who is trying to cancel all festivities
17 a green furry ogre who wants to ruin all the festive fun
18 an orphan who wants to find their missing cat (or friend)
19 a critical oni looking for the right people for a midnight ritual
20 a frost giant looking for things to fill their sack with

Locations and Other Creatures

The creatures might be inhabitants, minions or just trouble.

1d20The Adventure is at... Where there are also some...
1 a shrine of holly in a snowy forest singing awakened bushes
2 an ice palace with glowing icicles overly jolly acolytes
3 a dangerous sledge racing course mastiffs pulling gaudy sleds
4 a wooden hut covered in lights snowmen in patched clothes (scarecrow stats)
5 a tavern serving festive drinks goblin bartenders in festive hats
6 a busy market full of expensive and fancy gifts goofy guards in green
7 a forest of pine trees polar bears (or winter wolves)
8 a tower of windows and spires greedy mercenary hobgoblins
9 a street with a noisy carnival persistent thieving ravens
10 an airship bedecked with flags masked dancing doppelgangers
11 an overly decorated mansion an enthusiastic family of commoners
12 an icy lake with people skating gnomes having a fishing contest
13 a beach with a party atmosphere welcoming ghouls planning a feast
14 a large stone temple self-important knights
15 a treetop village flumphs unaware of festive season
16 an inn with no spare rooms servants wearing animal costumes
17 a village filled with festivities magical (or flying) reindeer
18 a huge toy warehouse overworked kobolds (or elves)
19 a fair which is having a contest creepy costumed cultists
20 a floating cloud castle playful prankster pixies

Events and Complications

1d20Something Happens!Complications
1 someone plays a prank a fugitive asks for protection
2 a large meal is served there is a murder
3 a race starts someone is injured in a crash
4 a riderless broom of flying lands there is uncontrollable sneezing
5 there is a drinking game an ex-lover wants revenge
6 there is an big announcement an important present is stolen
7 someone has an unexpected talent there is a argument about the past
8 incompetent authorities arrive there is an explosion
9 an important present is opened someone is overcome by emotion
10 a shooting star (or other omen) someone's food is poisoned
11 someone suggests a board game two lovers have an argument
12 there is a crying child someone goes missing
13 a sporting match starts an unwelcome guest arrives
14 someone discovers a pot of
nolzur's marvelous pigments
a priest arrives with bad news
15 lights fill the sky someone loses their voice
16 three new guests arrive there is a fire
17 everyone sings a festive song someone steals all the gifts
18 someone discovers a bag of holding something comes alive
19 there is a dance off someone's true nature is revealed
20 a flying stranger arrives with gifts there is a tragic accident

More Random Tables

There is a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Festive One-Shot Adventures.

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