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Elf Character Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws - D&D 5e

Duncan Thomson
Qualithai is an elf who loves the sound of their own voice who has a weakness for wine, sweet foods and pretty faces. They believe in the virtue of creativity and is the parent of a child in human lands they hope to meet again soon.

Elf Characters

Elves are one of the oldest races of Dungeons and Dragons. They are associated with magic, archery and long lives.

They are one of the most popular races, attractive for having a different mindset due to living for centuries and having innate grace and style. 5E Elves can choose from several subraces including high elves, wood elves, sea elves, eladrin and shadar-kai.

Here are tables for character traits, ideals, bonds and flaws. Last is a table for elven wines

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1 I am always sharing the wisdom and lore of the elves
2 I love the sound of my own sweet elven voice
3 I would rather live each day fast than hundreds of years slowly
4 I enjoy drifting into a new place and making new acquaintances over a glass of wine
5 I have many lessons, jokes and stories based on trees
6 I enjoy finding compromises and common ground when others argue or disagree.
7 I am driven by a wanderlust that keeps me seeking new places
8 I fall in and out of love easily, with people of many ancestries
9 I don't value anything that is less than a century old
10 I enjoy trying the food and drink of every culture I can find
11 I prefer the life of the city and people to the quiet existence of my homeland
12 I prefer conversations with plants and beasts
13 I have a song or poem for every occasion
14 I flip a coin or roll a die to make the small choices of life
15 I prefer the company of short-lived races to those who live centuries
16 I am always amused by life, even in the face of disaster
17 I am always planting seeds and tending trees and will come back to visit each in a decade or so
18 I compare everything to the wonders of my homeland
19 I always choose love and friendship over wealth or prestige
20 I use simple words so that others can understand me


1-2 Beauty. A thing of beauty is something that can inspire others for centuries
3-4 Charity. I can give away wealth now knowing it will return again in a year or century.
5-6 Creativity. I don't like to live the same day twice.
7-8 Greater Good. I must take on the challenges that others cannot or will not
9-10 Freedom - We are not born to live life in cages or chains, bound by rules or laws.
11-12 Generosity. I will share my many talents and skills with any who need them
13-14 Magic. I believe powerful or dangerous magic is best kept in the hands of the elder races
15-16 Nature. I prefer a life of simple pleasures.
17-18 Retribution. I will answer insults and injustices to my kind where others will not
19-20 Self-Improvement. I will be be master my emotions, not the other way around


1-2 My art is everything and I am ready to create it wherever I go
3-4 I work to restore an ancient elven library or place of magic
5-6 I have sworn not to return home until I have reclaimed an ancient elven artifact taken long ago
7-8 I have a fascination with those who live less than a century
9-10 I must confront an evil let out by one of my parents centuries ago
11-12 My soul is bound to another. We will part and find each other again many times
13-14 I am the parent of a child in human lands. I hope to meet them soon
15-16 I record each day in my journals. Think how many pages I will fill in my lifetime
17-18 I have sold my soul to another. I have centuries to win it back
19-20 I seek vengeance for a wrong done to the elves centuries ago


1-2 I find it hard to pay attention
3-4 I did something that got me banished for 100 years
5-6 I believe in play before work and rarely get to the work part
7-8 I wonder if the world would be a better place with the elves in charge
9-10 In a life or death situation I choose the safest option to preserve my own for another 100 years
11-12 I have trouble thinking in days or hours instead of decades and centuries
13-14 I'm very sensitive about ear jokes
15-16 I have a weaknesses for wine, sweet foods and pretty faces.
17-18 I've lost too many friends and have trouble making new ones
19-20 Living for a few centuries isn't enough so I seek immortality

Elven Wines

1d20Elven Wine
1-2 Duskwhisper Red is a bold, slightly acidic vintage which is often used at midnight ceremonies
3-4 Labereth White is stored in exquisite bottles and is full-bodied with a fruity finish.
5-6 Frostblossom Wine is sickly-sweet and made from crushed frozen grapes. It has a faint blue glow.
7-8 Fortified Goodberry Wine is avoided by most elves. It has a sharp flavor and fetches a high price in non-elven lands.
9-10 Lightrush is a sweet wine with a light flavor and is often served with honey treats.
11-12 Sunfire Red is a dark, heavy wine with a burning aftertaste. Its creation is a long-kept family secret
13-14 Thiala Wine is a sweet greenish-blue vintage with a minty flavor. Some bottles are infused with magic properties
15-16 Lemondance Wine has a fresh taste and a heady aroma and is traditionally drunk at dawn.
17-18 Faeriedew is a wine which continually changes color. Druids like it for the vivid visions it creates
19-20 Rolen's Fine Sherry has a distinctive flavor. It is rarely served to non-elves and kept as a status symbol

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