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Dwarf Character Random Tables for D&D 5e

Duncan Thomson
Hlin Stonejaw is a druid who prefers action to talking. She believes in Respect but carries a secret that would bring shame to her clan if revealed.

Dwarf Character Tables

Dwarves have a long history in gaming and fantasy. They are associated with hammers and axes, gold and beer.

There is an ongoing debate about genders and beards. 5E Dwarves are split into hill and mountain, with duergar added in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes.

Here are tables for character traits, ideals, bonds and flaws with a bonus one of dwarf ales.

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Dwarven Character Traits

1d20Dwarven Trait
1 I am suspicious of change and innovation
2-3 I have a love the tales and stories behind old things
4-5 I have an appreciation of fine craftsmanship no matter who made it
6-7 I idolize an ancestor of my clan, and constantly refer to them in conversation
8-9 I know many dwarven drinking songs, the louder the better
10-11 I like to be surrounded by luxuries
12 I live day to day, one tankard of ale at a time
13-14 I prefer action to planning and talking
15 I take pains to keep myself well-groomed and tidy
16 I try to be calm but grow angry at the slightest insult
17-18 If I am going to do something, I will do it well
19-20 My friends know they can rely on me, whatever they need

Dwarf Ideals

1-2 Community. The good of the people is more important than individual needs
3-4 Faith. I trust the dwarf gods will guide me. I have faith that if I work hard, things will go well
5-6 Family. Ties of blood come before all others
7-8 Greed. Wealth is it's own reward
9-10 Honor. My word is as unbending as iron
11-12 Might. The dwarves have survived by being strong
13-14 Planning. Preparation and planning is the key to success
15-16 Respect. I believe in treating elders and superiors with dignity and respect
17-18 Responsibility. It is our duty to uphold laws and respect authority
19-20 Tradition. The ancient traditions of clan and faith must be preserved and upheld

Dwarf Bonds

1d20Dwarf Bond
1-2 I am outcast from my clan, my friends are my family now.
3-4 I am the last of my family, and seek to destroy those took my loved ones away
5-6 I owe a great debt, and will do anything to repay it
7-8 I seek alliances for my clan in the wider world
9-10 I seek an impressive gift to prove my worth to one I love
11-12 I seek to become a master of my craft
13-14 I seek to restore my family's former glories
15-16 I seek vengeance for a wrong done long ago
17-18 I will create a masterpiece that will last for centuries
19-20 I will do anything to recover an ancient heirloom that was lost with a grandparent

Dwarf Flaws

1d20Dwarf Flaw
1-2 I always want more than what I have
3-4 I am obsessed with removing the shame caused by one of my parents
5-6 I bear grudges for every slight
7-8 I believe that trees are one of the enemies of dwarvenkind
9-10 I have trouble sharing, even with friends and family
11-12 I like coins more than I like people
13-14 I live with a secret that would bring shame to my clan if revealed
15-16 I love ale and spirits more than anything else in my life
17-18 I refuse to believe that anything is superior to dwarf workmanship
19-20 My hatred of dwarven enemies is blind and unwavering

Dwarf Ales

1d20Dwarf Ale
1 Runesmith Beer has a pungent aroma and has been brewed for hundreds of years
2 Whurdred's Pale Cider has been brewed for hundreds of years. This one has something drawn in the foam
3 Nurkara's Red Malt sends non-dwarves to sleep
4 This Torgga's Rye Ale is smoky
5 Goblinbleeder has a robust scent and is said to aid beard growth
6 The revered Frostbearer Bitter smells like butterscotch and is traditionally served with a dash of blackcurrent
7 Kilvar's Old Brew smells like cats
8 Coldfire is an acquired taste. This one has been watered-down and
9 Kneetwister Ale sends non-dwarves to sleep. This one has a strange film on top
10 Silverpeak Beer has an acidic aftertaste and comes in bottles
11 Einkil's Wild Beer has lots of bubbles and smells like oil
12 Shieldcrusher smells of roast meat and can causes weird visions
13 Southsmith Ale has an oaty flavor
14 Bronzebearer has a woody taste followed by a pungent aftertaste
15 This Darrak's Old Brew has bits of wood floating in it
16 Greatgate is very creamy. This one has two letters drawn in the foam
17 The celebrated Southaxe Bitter has 3 different flavors and is usually served with hunks of bread
18 Falkrunn's Fruit Beer is a well-kept family secret
19 Tongueforger Brew is full-bodied and tastes like cats
20 Doomfire Stout is the cause of many fights. This one has insects floating in it

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