Easy Dungeon Encounters Tables for D&D 5e
D&D Encounters Collected Encounter Tables

Easy Dungeon Encounters Tables for D&D 5e

Duncan Thomson
Several beetle with glowing glands are scuttling around a trapdoor. They appear to be...guarding it? Is something controlling them? Are they not what they seem?

Simple dungeon encounters from an upcoming Collected Encounters pdf.

Tables for Dungeon Encounters (levels 1-4 & levels 5-10), Encounter Details and Dungeon Beasts.

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Dungeon Encounters (Levels 1-4)

1d20Dungeon Encounter Table lvl 1-4
1 1 cult fantatic and 1d4 thugs or 2d6 giant centipedes
2 2d4 kobolds with 1 winged kobold and 1d2 giant wasps or 1d2 minotaurs
3 1d2 swarms of rats and 2d4 giant rats or roll on Dungeon Beasts
4 1d4+1 mephits (any mix of dust, ice, magma, mud, smoke and steam) or 1d4 bronze scouts (MToF)
5 1 gelatinous cube or Roll on Fungi and Oozes lvl 1-4
6 1d6 shadows or there is risk of a collaping roof (DMG)
7 1d2 carrion crawler or 1 animated armor with 1d4 flying swords
8 2d6 giant fire beetles or roll on Dungeon Beasts
9 1 mimic or 1 minotaur skeleton with 1d4 skeletons
10 1d2 shriekers and 2d4 zombies or 1d4 stone cursed (MToF)
11 A patch of Brown Mold (DMG) or 1d6 troglodytes with 1 giant lizard
12 1d6 goblins mounted on giant lizards or 2d4 oblex spawn (MToF)
13 1d6 swarms of bats or roll on Dungeon Beasts
14 or 1 vegepygmy chief (VGtM) and 1d4 vegepygmies (VGtM)
15 1d2 displacer beasts or 1 black pudding
16 1d4 duergar or 1d6 swarms of insects
17 1 flameskull or 1d2 wererats
18 1d4 giant spiders or roll on Dungeon Beasts
19 1d3 nothics or 1d2 ghouls with 1 imp
20 1 otyugh or 1 oaken bolter (MToF)

Dungeon Encounters (Levels 5-10)

1d20Dungeon Encounter Table lvl 5-10
1-2 1 mage with 1 shield guardian or 1 blackguard with 1d2 hell hounds
3-4 1 stone golem or 1d2 wights with 2d4 ogre zombies
5-6 1 oni with 2d4 ogres or a talking magical door
7-8 1 wraith with 1d4 specters or roll on Guardians lvl 5-10
9-10 1 spirit naga or 1 earth elemental with 1d6 gargoyles
11 A rolling sphere trap (DMG) or 1d4 iron cobras (MToF) and 1 stone defender (MToF)
12 1 drow mage on a nightmare or 1 deathlock mastermind (MToF)
13 1 chain devil or 1d3 shadow dancers (MToF)
14 1 grick alpha with 1d6 gricks or 1d2 shadow demons with 2d4 shadows
15 1d3 galeb duhr or 1 deva
16 1 nycaloth or 1 corpse flower (MToF) with 2d4 zombies
17 1 cambion with 1d4 doppelgangers or 1 elder oblex (MToF)
18 1 priest with 1d2 ghasts and 2d4 ghouls or 1d3 stone giants
19 1d2 clay golems or 1 drider with 1d2 drow elite warriors
20 1 beholder or 1 devourer (VGtM)

Encounter Details (Levels 1-4)

Use 1d10 for beasts and non-sentient creatures.

They are... (or one is...)

1d20Dungeon Encounter Details
1 guarding a trapdoor (or portal)
2 tidying the area
3 under the effects of a curse
4 attracted to any source of light
5 hiding from (or watching) a nearby danger
6 injured
7 investigating (or consuming) a corpse
8 not what they first seem to be
9 trapped by something
10 exploring (or lost)
11 building (or resetting) a trap
12 hiding something
13 studying inscriptions (or carvings)
14 playing a game
15 washing (or swimming) in a fountain (or pool of water)
16 patrolling the area
17 investigating (or repairing for) a secret door
18 on high alert
19 having an argument
20 carrying an immovable rod (or potions of gaseous form)

Dungeon Beasts (Levels 1-4)

1d20Dungeon Beasts lvl 1-4
1-2 1d4 giant spiders or 2d6 stirges
3-4 1d3 swarms of bats or 1d2 guard drakes (VGtM)
5-6 1 giant constrictor snake or 2d4 giant wasps
7-8 1d4+1 giant lizards or 1 swarm of rot grubs (VGtM)
9-10 3d6 giant rats or 1 gazer (VGtM)
11-12 1d4+1 darkmantles or 1d6 giant bats
13-14 2d6 giant centipedes or 1 choker (MToF)
15-16 1d2 rust monsters or 2d4 giant weasels
17-18 2d6 giant fire beetles or 1d6 swarms of rats
19-20 1d4 swarms of insects or 1 swarm of cranium rats (VGtM)

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