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Making Better Centaur Characters with Random Tables

Duncan Thomson
Rynna is a centaur who makes new friends wherever they go. They believe in Adventure and search the world for their destined companion. Their believe all problems can be outrun if you are fast enough and are followed by a strong herbal scent.

Centaur Characters

Centaurs... are part of the Greek myth and have long been a monster in Dungeons and Dragons. They were an option in Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Humanoids Handbook. More recently they are character options in Ravnica and Theros. Often they are associated with speed, archery, woodlands, pride and chaos.

They are a good option for a characters with a bit more speed. They can trample foes under charging hooves. With their strength they make fine fighters, barbarians and also decent druids or clerics. The opening up of worlds from Magic: the Gathering such as Theros and Ravnica have brought them into dnd 5e.

Here are tables for character traits, ideals, bonds and flaws. Last is a table for centaur call of the wild

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Centaur Traits

1d20Centaur Traits
1 I love nothing more than to race the wind
2 I enjoy seeing new lands, trying their food, drinking their drinks, hearing their stories
3 There's nothing I like more than starting a new journey
4 I see omens in every shifting leaf and small animal
5 The simpler the plan, the more likely I am to follow it
6 I'm full of inspiring tales and songs from many lands
7 I am blunt and honest in my dealings with others
8 Destiny will not wait. I act towards mine every day
9 I eat like a horse and ignore the comfort of others
10 I can't go past a market or trader without seeing what's there
11 I make new friends wherever I go
12 I am far more comfortable surrounded by beasts that by people
13 I change my mood as quickly as the wind shifts
14 I enjoy crude jokes and other simple pleasures
15 My wanderlust keeps me moving through the lands
16 At anywhere new, I note the landmarks and ways to get quickly away.
17 I like plans of one sentence or less
18 I care not for the good opinion of others
19 I try to match everyone with the best spirit that would suit them
20 I've visited every land under the stars. Or at least I say I have

Centaur Ideals

1d20Centaur Ideals
1-2 Adventure. There is power in taking action and driving forward the changes that are needed in the world
3-4 Community. It is the duty of all to strengthen their herd and be vigilant of danger.
5-6 Creativity. Ideas and new visions come from facing challenges and accepting other perspectives
7-8 Curiosity. I want to see what is over the next horizon, what story is behind every face.
9-10 Freedom. We are meant to be free to roam and live. Others should not be allowed to stop this
11-12 Harmony. All other options should be explored before resorting to violent confrontation.
13-14 Independence. I must prove my worth away from the rest of the herd
15-16 Nature. I show others the beauty in the creatures around us and the cycles of the land
17-18 People. I love the smiles of those who know me, as I chat, joke or mix with them
19-20 Tradition. Our traditions and stories must be remembered even as we move around

Centaur Bonds

1d20Centaur Bonds
1-2 I have started a journey of discovery that will probably last my whole life
3-4 I am indebted to a member of another race
5-6 I'm loyal to family first, other things second
7-8 I feel whole when I can feel nature around me
9-10 I have a map and will visit everywhere marked on it
11-12 Others hunt me for a crime I committed in the wilds
13-14 I collect the stories of remote places so they are not forgotten
15-16 My destiny is there for me to fulfill if I have the courage to act it out
17-18 I search the world for my destined companion
19-20 I find it hard to see beasts badly treated

Centaur Flaws

1d20Centaur Flaws
1-2 I often forget that others are slower than me
3-4 I have a weakness for spirits and other strong drinks
5-6 I speak before I think. My mouth moves faster that my mind
7-8 I don't question the visions that are sent to me in my dreams
9-10 I find it hard to take anyone with less legs than me seriously
11-12 I get uncomfortable sleeping more that one night in the same place
13-14 I'm easily distracted by a good story
15-16 I believe all problems can be outrun if you are fast enough
17-18 Violence and rage is often my answer to a threat
19-20 I am always trying to live live at a gallop

Centaur Call of the Wild

Use this table for backstory and other ideas tying to parts of elven or human world.

1d20Centaur Call of the Wild
1 You feel at peace when surrounded by trees
2 Birds try to make nests on your back
3 You think you can hear faint murmurings in stone and rock
4 You receive dreams from a powerful nature spirit
5 You have a cloak of leaves and flowers
6 A dryad gave you a special name when you were young.
7 Swirling leaves fill you with the urge to dance
8 You have impressive antlers
9 You always leave part of your meals to the nature spirits
10 A strong herbal scent always follows you
11 You chose a totem beast when you became an adult
12 You see omens in the calls and flights of birds
13 You make simple amulets out of things you find in the wild
14 Flowers are often found growing in your mane
15 Storms fill you with great energy
16 You are always seeing faces and signs in the clouds
17 Large areas of grass always fill you with hopes for the future
18 A druid is always asking you for your aid and advice
19 You keep part of every beast you slay as a trophy
20 You try to spend time each day alone in a place of the wilds

More Centaur Tables

For more centaur tables try the Centaur Characters - random tables on DM's Guild or a centaur character ideas generator

Centaur Characters on DM's Guild Characters and Trinkets Mega-Bundle on DM's Guild