Rand Roll Autumn Update. Halloween Bundle, Guide Updates, Chaos Gen Updates
Rand Roll

Rand Roll Autumn Update. Halloween Bundle, Guide Updates, Chaos Gen Updates

Duncan Thomson

There was an earlier post this year with a State of Rand Roll 2022. This is an autumn update of that and other things.

Halloween Bundle and Generators

First up are halloween related things, with a spooky trinket generator at Chaos Gen. There will be more gens added with a spooky and horror theme.

And I've teamed up with other creators at Dungeon Master's Guild to create a Halloween 2022 Bundle. It contains Encounters, Adventures, Player Options and Trinkets.

Generator Guides Updates

I'm slowly updating and re-organising the Generator Guides. The fantasy ones are now spread across six environments  of City, Sea, Rural, Wilds, Dungeon and Planes (Beyond). Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Cyberpunk and Science Fiction remain as they are with periodic updates.

The other ones are likely to disappear (with possible exceptions for Fantasy Characters and Taverns and Inns) or be rolled into another genre (such as Dark Fantasy). And probably some solo guides!

And there is one more category which is generators by RPG. Currently there are ones for Star Wars, WFRP, an old Pathfinder one and several D&D ones. These need updating and the D&D ones consolidated into a mega bundle. I might do some for Blades in the Dark and a couple other RPGs I like / might play.

I'll probably also cover PDFs by environment and genre!

Chaos Gen Next Stage

Work on Chaos Gen continues with a much improve tagging system which is continuing to receive upgrades. I'll use Sea as an example.

There are also a lot of new generators appearing, or versions of generators appearing in other areas, such as the Fantasy People in a Crowd (from D&D), the general Fantasy Rumours and Plot Hooks (with options by environment) and D&D Notable Location.

There is a new infrastructure of worlds and systems so that it is easier to make gens in different genres. Such as hopefully adding to the new Spelljammer Trinkets with other spelljammer related tools.  Then I'd like to create themes such as Horror which could be applied to any generator (in theory).

The Sea Demo Tool is also an indication of where I'd like to take some generators.

Last Bits

Then there is 30 Days of Visual Generators I'm planning for November, which I'm hoping to follow up with a change in direction for my Patreon and a serious try at making an open-sourced icons tool.

Then I'm continuing to experiment with Solo tools, gaming and podcasts.

Other Rand Roll articles continue with making random tables, using random generators in games and some interviews.

And there will be new guides covering random PDFs, or at least an update of the old ones!

My RPG continues after my groups first proper playtest with the Badgers and the Game Needs a Name. We'll do another round of revisions, another short campaign then I hope to publish first version!

And I'm pivoting (bit by bit) to DriveThru rpg and Fantasy pdfs with my first serious pdf on there, Adventuring Group Names.

Adventuring Group Names on DriveThru RPG Fantasy Tables Bundle on DriveThru RPG

Happy Gaming!