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Generators of the Cyberpunk April Challenge

Duncan Thomson

I realised I hadn't covered the generators created for the April Cyberpunk Generators Challenge. And though it was time I did.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create Cyberpunk RPG Generators and expand existing cyberpunk tools.

It is mostly based around the RPG Generators reddit forum.

And here's what we got

Corporate World Problems at Donjon

Donjon went with Corporate World Problems, giving trials and difficulties for the tech giants of the cyberpunk future.

Cyberpunk Corporate World Problems

Night City Sports Results by cyber-viper

Results of Night City sports team at perchance by generators first-timer cyber-viper gives results from Cyberpunk 2020 sports teams of Night City.

Results of Night City Sports - Cyberpunk 2020

Chop Shop Generator at Iron Arachne

At Iron Arachne there was the building of a Cyberpunk Chop Shop Generator (below the alcoholic drink generator). It gives a place to find cyberware and someone to attach them...

Cyberpunk Chop Shop

Encounters and Scenarios at Chartopia

The Cyberpunk Random Encounter Generator at Chartopia is a port of another one by cyberook.

It has filters for zone (corporate / moderate / combat) and time (daytime / evening / night) and returns one-line encounters.

Cyberpunk Random Encounter Generator at Chartopia

Also at Chartopia is the Cyberpunk Random Scenario Generator, created from older material. It has ideas for what, who, where and the real story of the scenario.

Cyberpunk Random Scenario Generator

Cyberpunk Story Icons at Chaos Gen

Finally I went with Cyberpunk Story Icons at Chaos Gen, building on previous story icon tools. Choose 3-20 icons in various bright colours to use as adventures inpiration or a story prompt.

Cyberpunk Story Icons

What's Next?

There have been previous Generator Challenges and we have just started one for Sept 2020, Factions, Guilds and Organisations.

Join us and help with ideas or building random tools and tables.