Heart of the Ghost Fields - Encounters, Locations, Treasures and Hazards

"Wyrm Watch. Partially buried is the skeleton of a white dragon. Beneath its skull steps lead down to the crypt of a frost mage. "

A location from the Inner Fields Locations random table.

[Art by Fil Kearney]

The Ghost Fields - Inner Fields Tables

The tables of the inner fields detail encounters, locations, treasures and hazards

The Ghost Fields is an Adventure Site using random tables. Use, adapt or steal anything that is useful for your games. Suitable for sandbox games, one shots, side quests or world building.

The themes of Frost [Fr], Gloom [Gm], Spirits [Sp] and Wolves [Wo] can be supported using the Ghost Fields.

Each table has entries supporting them.

Monsters from Other Sources

The following creatures would fit easily into the Ghost Fields
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Allip, berbalang, deathlock, deathlock wight, choker, meazel, skulk, sword wraith warrior vampire mist
Volos's Guide to Monsters. Aurocks, bard, darkling, darkling elder, guard drake (white), illusionist, leucrotta, ox (cow), kobold (all), orc fang of Shargaas, shadow mastiff, yeth hound

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as the Ghost Fields.

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Encounters of the Inner Fields

For only non-combat encounters roll 1d4, for only level 1 roll 1d8, or 1d12 for only levels 1-2.

Some alternatives are from Rime of the Frostmaiden [RotF]

1d20Encounters of the Inner Fields
1 A wolf shaman (druid stats) performs a ritual for a tribal ancestor. [Wo]
2 A poltergeist roams the fields and exchanges lore for fresh blood. [Sp]
3 Several cultists drag a criminal to a local site to give as a sacrifice. [Gm]
4 A wight (or snow golem - RotF) seeks gifts for an altar of winter. [Fr]
5 1d3 darkmantles that can disguise themselves as icicles. [Gm]
6 1d3 death dogs making a lot of noise. or roll on Beasts
7 1d2 imps performing cruel jokes. Try to lead group to place of danger.
8 1d3 dire wolves are protective of a few hungry cubs. [Wo]
9 1 awakened polar bear that speaks Giant (or Common) and pretends to be possessed by spirits. Becomes helpful if they are well fed.
10 1d2 white dragon wyrmlings hungrily hunt for any food. They are connected to a nearby site of a frost deity. [Fr]
11 1 wounded mammoth (half hit points) or roll on Beasts
12 1d2 suits of animated armor (Intelligence 8, speak Common) talk of being knights cursed to wander the fields until a summer comes. [Sp]
13 1 berserker, 1d3 tribal warriors and 1d3 wolves. Act unfriendly. [Wo]
14 A yeti shaman of winter (spellcasting as a druid) is singing in Giant. [Fr]
15 1d4 shadows from a nearby cave marked by the Shadowfell. [Gm]
16 1d3 ogre zombies animated by spirits of the fields. These spirits speak in Common and flee back into the fields if their vessels are slain. [Sp]
17 1d3 orcs riding worgs wear wolf pets and have slain a dire wolf. [Wo]
18 A ghost possessing an orog (or roll on NPCs) is trying to leave the fields. But can't move more than a mile from site of grave. [Sp]
19 An ice mummy with 1d4 cultists. In Abyssal it orders the cultists to dig up graves and bodies to take somewhere nearby. [Gm]
20 A weakened frost giant (98 hp, challenge 5) lives here as a hermit. [Fr]

Inner Locations of the Fields

1d20Inner Locations of the Fields
1-2 Old Battlefield strewn with remains, rusted weapons and pieces of armor. A few specters linger and spirits rise nightly to fight again. [Sp]
3-4 Wyrm Watch. Partially buried is the skeleton of a white dragon. Beneath its skull steps lead down to the crypt of a frost mage. [Fr]
5-6 Demon's Cave. Beside entrance is a frozen waterfall with a figure inside. Within cave is a Shadowfell crossing, active at night. [Gm]
7-8 Chiefain's Hill. In the ruins of a fort stacked stones mark out a tomb. Wolf head markers warn that the area is guarded by wolves. [Wo]
9-10 Mammoth Graveyard. A canyon marked by piles of mammoths bones. An old mammoth waits now, weakened and near to death.
11-12 Madness Lake. Under an icy cliff are whispering waters of a large pool. A carved stone tells of annual sacrifices to appease an evil spirit. [Gm]
13-14 Graves of the Wolf. A grinning wolf statue stands among a ruined temple. Around it are recently built cairns. [Wo]
15-16 Circle of Ancestors Carved stones surround a monument. Hanging from it are charms of ivory and flint, used to speak with the dead. [Sp]
17-18 Ice Palace. A few runed columns of iron support walls of ice. There is a central altar associated with winter and a planar portal. [Fr]
19-20 Rawchill's Sanctum. Below a crumbling asylum is a white dragon's lair. Served by a few kobolds and only emerges in extreme circumstances.

Treasures of the Fields

1d20Treasures of the Fields
1-2 A lifelike doll of a mammoth with an exposed ribcage. Worth 100 gp.
3-4 pipes of haunting or a scroll of leomund's tiny hut.
5-6 A strange shield (or bracer) depicting a moving, contorted face. It is inhabited by a spirit, shouting and screaming during combat. [Sp]
7-8 A silver horn of valhalla depicting all types of wolves and wolflike creatures. It summons wolves instead of berserkers. [Wo]
9-10 Tome of frost. Spellbook holding gust of wind, sleet storm, cone of cold, ice storm, otiluke's freezing sphere, wall of ice. [Fr]
11-12 boots of the winterlands or a ring of warmth. [Fr]
13-14 A figurine of a twisted demonic face made from ice with. gemstone eyes worth 200 gp. [Gm]
15-16 Wolfsbane. An axe +1 (any type) that deals an extra 2d6 damage to wolves or wolf creatures. It glows when wolves are within 100 ft. [Wo]
17-18 2d4 finely carved ivory charms, with names of spirits. 50 gp each. [Sp]
19-20 A wand of fear that hovers if dropped; or goggles of night. [Gm]

Hazards and Events of the Fields

1d20Hazards and Events of the Fields
1-2 Snow covers a pool of thin ice (DMG pg 110). A swarm of quippers (or knucklehead trout; RotF) live in the water below. [Fr]
3-4 Strong shrieking winds (DMG pg 110). or an avalanche (RotF).
5-6 A Lit Procession. Many commoners and tribal warriors with torches and charms to ward off spirits. They carry a cage with a creature inside.
7-8 An area of magical darkness. or a hallow spell that causes fear. [Gm]
9-10 An icy mist descends around group. or vivid colored lights fill the sky.
11-12 Spirits of the dead are speaking in many languages. One of them recognizes a character. [Sp]
13-14 A glyph of warding dealing cold damage (or with a darkness spell).
15-16 Heavy snow is falling (precipitation, DMG pg 110). or blizzard (RotF)
17-18 An area of slippery ice (DMG pg 110).
19-20 A Nearby Hunt. There are howls of a wolf pack and shouts of someone trying to evade them. [Wo]

More Tables

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as the Ghost Fields.

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