Generators Challenge Dungeon Adventures

Dungeons of the November Generator Challenge

Duncan Thomson

Our Generator Challenge is back after the August Quest and this time it's...dungeons

Creating a Dungeon Generator

You are to create a generator or random table for something related to rpg dungeons. A dungeon overview, a room description generator, a mines encounter table or maybe magic doors.

It's up to you how complex the generator is, whether it is a text-description, a list of elements, a simple random table, a map or something else. Equally it might be fantasy, D&D specific or something sci-fi like abandoned spaceship wrecks...

Dungeon Inspiration

If you want to see what's out there already I've done guides for Dungeon Generators, D&D 5E Dungeon Tools and Dungeon Map Generators.

The Procedural Challenge #4 at the proceduralgeneration subreddit was "dungeons" and you can see the submissions links. Many of them are dungeon maps and good for ideas.

Lastly take a look at what we built for the August Quests Challenge.

Tell Us About It

Share how you are doing or if you have any questions or challenges. In the comments here, over at r/rpg_generators on reddit, on instagram or send an email to duncan at

The challenge is primarily for fun so no voting or prizes. We want to see what the community can build and encourage people to create something if they haven't done so before.

Creating Your Own

For places to create generators or charts, two options are Chartopia and Perchance.

Suggestions and feedback welcome in comments, on rpg_generators or twitter.