D10 Games To Try for Solo
Solo RPGs

D10 Games To Try for Solo

Duncan Thomson

A list of d10 Games you could try solo. Mostly my own list though!

At time of writing I'm trying out Mythic GM Emulator 2e using both Troika and Savage Worlds.

But as I'm researching solo games there are so many to try. So this is a list of games to try and maybe inspire others!

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d10 Solo Games to Try Next.

  1. Ironsworn: It's free, built around solo play and using an altered Powered by the Apocalypse engine. With little need for other tables unless desired.
  2. Thousand Year Old Vampire: is a journalling solo game where you explore what its like to be an ancient creature of the darkness.
  3. Fléaux: is an RPG built on the bones of Black Sword Hack which is built on Black Hack 2e. Unlike many OSR games it's classless, and seems to have a strong setting to it.  
  4. Delve: is a solo map drawing game where you are in charge of a dwarven hold discovering the opportunities and horrors below
  5. Four Against Darkness: is a dungeon delving game where you control a party of four adventurers. It doesn't need miniatures and dungeons are created by generators included in the game...
  6. Quill: is a journalling game about "hacking goblins and looting caves". It's also pay-what-you-want. Write real letters and a great place to try starting with journalling RPGs.
  7. Five Parsecs from Home: is a solo miniatures adventure wargame with some rpg elements. Heard it being played on a podcast and now very curious. There is also a fantasy version, Five Leagues from the Borderlands.
  8. The Wretched: is a journalling game where you're the last survivor on a spaceship. But something else is in there with you...
  9. The Ultraviolet Grasslands: is a free game (and has a paid 2nd edition) which looks weird and wonderful, a psychedelic trip into science fantasy and useable alongside other RPG systems.
  10. d100 Dungeon: is a solo dungeoncrawler with lots of support in other supplements. And looks a lot more structured than many solo games.

Finishing Up

My solo games to date have included D&D Basic, Knave, Warlock!, Savage Worlds, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1E, Dungeoneer, Troika and a homebrew system. Using a variety of oracles and tools.

So looking forward to seeing what the future holds!