Coastal Non-Combat Encounters, NPCs and Hazards for 5e

"A fire giant desperately searches the beach for a lost wedding ring."

Tables for Non-Combat Encounters, Quick NPCs and Hazards & Obstacles for Coastal terrain. Result is from Coastal Non-Combat Encounters.

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Coastal Non-Combat, NPCs & Hazards

Many meet at the shores of land and sea. A berserker may ask your opinions of sand sculptures or a barnacled treant may give unsolicited advice. Meet NPCs from a down-on-their-luck boatmaker to a lone pirate with a map. Deal with ships in trouble, storms and bubbling tar pits.

There is a 5e coastal random encounter generator at ChaosGen. There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Coastal Encounters.

Coastal Encounters pdf at dms guild Terrain Encounters Bundle for 5e

Coastal Encounter Tables - creatures | locations | non-combat | enhancements

Coastal Non-Combat Encounters

1d8+1d12Coastal Non-Combat Encounters
2 Two druids are proving they can climb steep cliffs without magic.
3 Several ogres in animal costumes are practicing a play. They are excited to find anyone who can play instruments.
4 A few tribal warriors (or tortles - VGtM) are scavenging for interesting objects to decorate an almost finished boat.
5 A barnacled treant is enjoying the view. Is free with unhelpful advice.
6 A doppelganger artist is drawing a mimic in a variety of poses.
7 Several commoner servants set up a pavilion for a noble and a few guards. The noble asks about local sights and important people.
8 A fire giant desperately searches the beach for a lost wedding ring.
9 A group of acolytes search beach debris for offerings to a sea god.
10 A long-haired berserker is making detailed sand sculptures as part of a spiritual journey. Asks group for opinions and talks about dreams.
11 A patrol of guards dare comrades to swim to a rock in rough waters.
12 Family of gnome commoners are on a picnic. They have a variety of clockwork toys and offer to share their food. Seagulls harass them.
13 A friendly bandit with a few mastiffs is searching the beach for a sea cave entrance. It is marked on a crude map.
14 Sentient seaweed (vine blight stats) asks to be sung sea shanties
15 Several kenku smugglers with rowing boats are waiting to meet contacts. Offer the group interesting trinkets and substances.
16 A few wights are swimming out to a shipwreck, repeating past events. They talk of putting spirits and bodies to a proper rest.
17 A few bronze dragon hatchlings play in shallows, minded by an adult.
18 A talking helmed horror is organising a fishing competition on the beach. A few locals and sea creatures are ready to start.
19 A choir of singing merfolk with an aarakocra drummer have attracted a crowd of admiring animals.
20 A sea jelly (ochre jelly with Int 8, swim 20 ft. ) talks of being cursed by a hag. They hunt for a crystal cave where curse can be lifted.

Coastal Quick NPCs

1d4+1d6Coastal Quick NPCs
2 Bolhild is a well-muscled dwarf mage with a dazzling smile. They are selling battered cooked fish but will accept any kind of payment.
3 Malno is a restless druid herbalist in seaweed garments. They are attempting to meditate and talk about the traits of nearby seaweed.
4 Ulla is a scarred merchant and spy with an aggressive monkey. They collect interesting trinkets and are interested in what the group have.
5 Harrow is a tiefling pirate (bandit stats) with a set of maps. They ask about local landmarks they are matching to a particular map.
6 Jasmal is a fiery demon hunter scout with an impressive angel tattoo. They are hunting for a young griffon or other flying mount to train
7 Ariemne is a slender boatmaker commoner with sturdy knee-high boots. They like working with wood and are down on their luck.
8 Riardon is a dramatic wererat with a collection of paddles and boards . They love challenges and have a bet for one of the characters.
9 Nagrette is a shipwrecked gladiator with a glowing gemstone circlet. They have an imaginary friend and will seek help at the nearest tavern.
10 Imzel is a talkative cult fanatic who keeps staring into the distance. They are passionate about octopi and other tentacled creatures.

Coastal Hazards and Obstacles

1d8+1d12Coastal Hazards and Obstacles
2 A tidal cave (or maelstrom) that acts as a portal to the Plane of Water (or Air)
3 An avalanche near or by the PCs
4 An old shrine (or statue) that can cause a curse (or geas)
5 An abandoned rowing boat with recent tracks leading away
6 A Falling Net trap (DMG pg 122)
7 Thunder and lightning
8 Heavy (or sudden) flooding or a maelstrom
9 A heavy (or ghostly) mist or fog descends around party
10 A ship in trouble (being attacked, on fire, sinking)
11 Strong Wind (DMG pg 110)
12 An area of quicksand (DMG pg 110) or a ghost ship
13 Bloated humanoid (or beast) corpses infected with disease
14 Signs of something dangerous. Recent tracks or other marks of... (roll or choose from Coastal Encounters Levels 11+)
15 Heavy rain (or sleet) (Heavy Precipitation, DMG pg 110)
16 One or more tar pits (similar to quicksand but flammable)
17 A gigantic wave (as tsunami spell)
18 Strong winds and heavy rain (DMG pg 110)
19 Swarm of harmless insects surround and follow party. Reduce visibility and make many tasks harder
20 A weird mass of seaweed that acts as Brown Mold (DMG pg 105)

More Encounters

There is a 5e coastal random encounter generator at ChaosGen. There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Coastal Encounters.

Coastal Encounters pdf at dms guild Terrain Encounters Bundle for 5e

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