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British Fantasy - Generators Guide

Duncan Thomson

A guide to generators and tools for British Fantasy

Disclaimer: I'm an affiliate for DriveThru RPG. I've also created tools for WFRP and other British RPGs

Starting Points for British Fantasy RPGs

grim & gritty | wfrp tools | wfrp 4e| other tools

WTF is British Fantasy? Look at Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Dragon Warriors and Advanced Fighting Fantasy for classics. And there's a longer (and periodically updated) list of British RPGs also on Rand Roll

Then more recently games such as Into the Odd, Warlock!, WFRP 4e and Dolmenwood. And maybe Troika (but it's more Science Fantasy.

British RPGs often have a grim and gritty feel to them, often with generous amounts of humour and strangeness.

In addition, many British RPGs make generous use of random tables!

Grim and Gritty

grim & gritty | wfrp tools | wfrp 4e| other tools

For the best of grim and gritty head over to Glumdark and Table Monger. Bothhave random tables inspired by Mork Borg, but for sure with a Grim flavour.

Then, many grim and gritty games need rituals.

WFRP Tools

grim & gritty | wfrp tools | wfrp 4e| other tools

Naming things is hard, but Snow White Hills has a (Warhammer) Fantasy and Blood Bowl Name Generator has options for many WFRP races. For an in-depth source of Empire character and street names try the Book of Imperial Names PDF over at Winds of Chaos.

For more names Fantasy Name Generators has name generators for the Empire with Germanic and Old High German names, plus Warhammer Races by army.

My own site is Chaos Gen, which has several wfrp tools. Starting with the WFRP Name List which gives many names by race and gender at once. For taverns there's a Simple WFRP version which can be enhanced with Dwarf Beers or Pies. Also have a Road Encounter or Forest Encounter. For a simple NPC in 3 lines there's a Quick NPC tool.

Then Paco's Miscellaneous Stuff has many wfrp gens, including an Inn Generator,

Other random bits include a Character Doom for humans and an encounters list from Reddit.

WFRP 4E Tools

grim & gritty | wfrp tools | wfrp 4e| other tools

For 4e generators you have Paco's Miscellaneous Stuff with Paco's Character Gen (which includes gnomes) and 4E NPC Generator. If you want loot there is a Treasure Generator has options for jewels, coins, clothes, weapons and documents. And another one for Potions. And a Monster Generator for foes with lots of options.

Others include

Other Tools

grim & gritty | wfrp tools | wfrp 4e| other tools

When in the forest you can set the scene with Forest Descriptions

Strange beliefs are common. Luckily we have prophecies for the fortune tellers and for the priests.

Recommendations Please!

If you liked these there are Generators at Chaos Gen and a monthly random tools Newsletter. Or find us on the Rand Roll Discord or an instagram of Random Tables.