Tools of Legend - Fantasy City Generator

Duncan Thomson

If you want a quick city or are building up a fantasy world the Fantasy City Generator will help.

The Tool

The Medieval Fantasy City Generator creates a city or town along with a name and the area surrounding it.

With the menu options you can specify different sizes of settlement or reshape it with the Warp tool. In the options section you can change the style of building, hide the farm fields or change the palette.

enter image description here

Check out my interview with the creator Oleg Dolya to get more of a background of the tool.

5 Ways to Use the Tool

  1. Create a city to use as a place to explore if you have nothing prepared. Use the Ward option to add more detail.
  2. Use it to create Player Handouts for your dungeons and dragons game. You can export the map as a .png or .svg file.
  3. Create a fantasy nation by adding 5-10 cities and then joining up the roads.
  4. Play around with the Citadel | Plaza | Temple | Walls | Shanty Town | River | Coast options to map an existing city to your liking.
  5. Use the link to the Overworld to link it into a larger fantasy world.

Share Your Maps

Let me know how you've used the tool in the comments or on Twitter