Tools of Legend - Eigengrau's Generator

Duncan Thomson

If you want a linked set of RPG generators then Eigengrau's Generator be the tool for you.

The Tool

Eigengrau's Essential Establishment Generator starts off with a town and some buildings, but soon branches out to create NPCs, a quest or quick scenario.

Whenever an element is created, parts of it can be expanded out.

I started with the town of Fallburn, expanded out the Toad and the Pantry tavern, finding out the barmaid was a doppelganger. Clicking on the landlord Keith Shadowquick it gave me a description and I created a detailed background for him.

Town establishments

For more background of Eigengrau's read my interview with creator Rhys.

5 Ways to Use the Tool

  • 1. Create a settlement for the PCs to explore and add more as needed during the game
  • 2. Make a city map from the Fantasy City Generator and then populate it with the buildings from Eigengrau's. Add new buildings from the bottom of the front page.
  • 3. Use the Toolbox (linked in side menu) stand-alone generators to create mercenaries, magic items, traps and other standalone items.
  • 4. Click into an NPC and explore the options for expanding their background to create a detailed, memorable character.
  • 5. Before a game create a home-base for your RPG group and use the Saves feature to keep it up to date.

Share Your Favourites

What great stories have resulted from Eigengrau's Generator?