Tools of Legend - Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator

Duncan Thomson

If you need a world, continent or area map then Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator can help you out.

The Tool

Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator gives you a sprawling map showing nations, cultures and towns.

From the options in the top left you can create a new map, including continents, an island archipelago volcano, an atoll and a peninsula. Here you can also set map size, number of cultures or states and how those states are sized.

From the style section choose whether to use a layers default such as cultures or heightmap. Or you can choose a custom layout. I always like to see the routes on a map.

From the tools section you can control all of the elements of your map and edit parts you want to change. The map can also be saved so the tool can be used as a full on map editor too.

Azgaar's map and scale

For more background on the Fantasy Map Generator read my interview with Azgaar.

5 Ways to Use the Tool

  • 1) Create several maps to populate a world for a novel or homebrew rpg campaign.
  • 2) Create a volcano island map for an adventure you are preparing or planning on publishing.
  • 3) Use it to create a new world for your players to explore in an RPG campaign. Save the map and update it as the campaign progesses. I've done this with the Isles of Milmo.
  • 4) Generate a treasure map you can hand out. It's up to you if there's any truth to what is seen on it.
  • 5) Extend an existing world with a continent, island or archipelago. Restrict the culture to one if you want a consistent feel to it.

Share Your Favourites

What stories have been inspired by the maps of Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator?

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