The Next Level of Rand Roll
Rand Roll

The Next Level of Rand Roll

Duncan Thomson

Rand Roll has moved to a new platform! We have left Umbraco and joined Ghost blog.

Things are Broken and Missing

The tags and posts on categories are missing, most of the images aren't showing.

The search is missing and the comments aren't showing currently.

These are things I'll fix or improve on in the next few weeks, with a review of some posts to prune and what to focus on in the future.

If something needs fixing that you see pop me a message on discord or any other social media platform.

Ghostly Beginnings

With Ghost I'm now on a modern blogging platform. As Rand Roll gets about 7k+ views a week I thought it was time to move to something easier to use.

The site should have more options for add-ins, themes and tools. And improved automation of publishing and connecting these to events using a tool such as Zapier.

Hopefully there will be better organisation and navigation of posts soon!

Rolling On

There will be another post soon about future themes, collaborations, interviews, guides, articles and random tables.

For now Happy Gaming!