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WFRP Rolls - On the Road. The Grand Table

Duncan Thomson

Hans and Eva were watchful after passing the last buildings on the Altdorf road. A pair of ox had watched them pass by. Now two hours later they spotted a lone figure with a mule. Was this danger....or opportunity...?

Coaches, Outlaws and Woodcutters

We bring together all of the people and creatures you could meet on the Old World Road.

There are....

The master table has two choices, ones for more settled lands, and ones for the vast wilderness...

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WFRP Road Encounter Table

2Group of TravellersA Monster and a Dangerous Group
3A Dangerous GroupA Lone Traveller fleeing a Monster
4Domestic BeastsWild Beasts
5Lone TravellerGroup of Travellers followed by a Dangerous Group
6Domestic Beasts, loose or escapedWild Beasts
7Group of TravelllersLone Traveller
8Wild BeastsDomestic Beasts, loose or escaped
9Lone TravellerDangerous Group
10Domestic BeastsWild Beasts
11VillagersGroup of Travellers
12A Lone WarriorArmed Group
13A CoachA Coach
14VillagersVillagers from a secret or secluded hamlet
15Armed GroupA Lone Warrior
16A CoachA Monster
17VillagersVillagers far from home
18A MonsterArmed Group
19A CoachA Coach
20Two encounters together (roll twice)Two encounters together (roll twice)

More Encounters

These tables are inspired from my WFRP Road Encounter generator. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators