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WFRP Rolls - A Goat Stares at You, & Wolves Follow...

Duncan Thomson

On the roads of the Old World, horses and hounds are regular sights. But you might also meet a bear or wild boar. Or something far worse...

Road Encounters - Beasts

Expanding out the Basic Road Encounters for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition.

Domestic beasts will commonly be found on the roads and villages the PCs travel through, wild beasts roam the forests and wilderness, mostly avoiding humans and their ilk.

Road Encounters - Beasts Wild and Domestic

2d10Domestic BeastWild Beast
2A destrier in bardingAn enormous giant spider
3Injured pigeon with a message pouchPack of giant wolves
4A lone cow or muleGiant rats
5Messenger pigeonsGiant spiders
6A riding horseA badger or similar animal
7Herd of cowsA pair of bears
8A draught horseHerd of wild horses
9An ox or pair of oxenA large bear
10A flock of chickensA fox
11A pair or pack of dogsA pack of wolves
12Flock of sheepA small bear
13A house catA poisonous snake
14Herd of pigsA large wild boar
15A pair of guard dogsA pack of wild dogs
16Herd of goatsA lone wolf
17A lone pig, goat or sheepPack of wild boar
18Pack of hunting dogsSwarm of bees or wasps
19A trained bearFlock of ravens, crows or other birds
20A pet snakeA giant snake

More Encounters

These tables are inspired from my WFRP Road Encounter generator. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators