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WFRP Rolls - Who is in the Coach?

Duncan Thomson

A lone coachman, Waldred Widmann drives a coach with a physician and their attractive assistant

Who's in the Coach?

For WFRP road encounters you now have basic encounters, expanded with tables for Beasts, Villagers, Warriors and Travellers.

I'm adding coaches to these tables, as coaches and coaching inns are common in the Empire and Old World.

Coaches make a great place for a group of PCs and NPCs such as nobles, vampires and rich merchants will often be found within. The dangers of outlaws, beastmen, fallen trees and zealous toll collectors make for good challenges to your group too.

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Two columns give those driving the coach and passengers or cargo. A postilion usually rides the lead horse of a team.

A Basic Encounter Table

2d10Coach Driver(s)Passengers or Cargo
2Three halfling drivers, Clofberry, Bartomar (Bart) and Ogregar (Earl)An assassin travelling to next target
3A wounded coachman, Sigfried Fiegler, barely consciousA butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker
4A lone coachwoman, Galina SchererA small criminal gang
5Two vigilant coachwomen, Heidrun and CloraNo passengers or cargo...
6A lone coachman, Waldred WidmannA cult leader and three cultists disguised as merchants
7A coachwoman, Ottilyn Kuhn with an outrider, Guido DunnA wizard teaching their apprentice
8A married pair of drivers, Adhemar and Maglind ReichertA half-full mail coach
9A dwarf coachman, Boklun Othralisson and a postilion on first trip, Albrecht HirtzelAn important magistrate and two clerks
10A lone coachwoman, Jehanne FehrA physician and their attractive assistant
11A lone coachman, Olbrecht HerzogA full mail coach
12A dwarf coachwoman, Olfda GottokasnizA young noble and a guard
13A lone postilion, Abelhard BehnTwo merchants and three guards
14A dwarf coachman, Boklun OthralissonA priest, a lawyer, a physician and a politician discussing politics
15Two arguing coachmen, Maximillian and AndreTwo priests and a knight with a holy relic
16Coach master Jehanne Krebs and a dwarf postilion, Berbor SnornirssonA dead body and....(roll once more)
17A coachman Oswin Allenstag with two postilions, his daughter Clora and son Dankmar A noble, their dowry and three guards
18A halfling coachwoman, Suppella (Fluff) FastbuckThree siblings arguing about a will
19A dwarf coachman, Nolik Okrisson with two outriders, the sisters Marget and Jocelin OhrstenA family of halflings
20Two coaches together. Roll twiceA vampire noble in an opulent coach

More Encounters

These tables are inspired from my WFRP Road Encounter generator. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators