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Duncan Thomson

The road ahead is blocked by a herd of goats tended by a lone farmer. He is picking berries or fruit too high for the goats to reach..

Generated from Villagers table below (roll of 13, a local farmer with animals) and the Villager Complication table (roll of 10, they are foraging for food, plants or herbs).

Tables for Villagers in Road Encounters

Away from the towns, many of the folk you meet on the road will be from the villages of the Old World. Peasants, herders and herbalists. Suspicious of strangers and often accompanied by various animals.

For your PCs they might be a source of aid, used to add flavour or simply knowledgable about those local ruins...

Road Encounters - Villagers

2d10Locals and Villagers
2A fortune-teller
3A family with all of their belongings
4A beggar
5A group of local militia
6A toll keeper
7A family
8A trapper
9A herbalist
10A herder with their herd
11A local farmer
12A local hunter
13A local farmer with animals
14A group of wood cutters
15A group of farmers
16A local guide
17A group of farmers with animals
18A group of charcoal burners
19A village elder with more a family member
20A hedge witch

Villager Complication

2d10Locals and Villagers
2They are investigating a dead body
3They are investigating a wagon or cart broken in some way
4They are getting ready to kill some animals
5They are down on their luck and desperate
6They are taking part in a local festival or holy day
7They are with some animals
8They throw insults at you
9They are washing or bathing
10They are foraging for food, plants or herbs
11They are starving and ask for food or coin
12They are being chased by a wild beast or something worse...
13They stop you to give dire warnings
14They make the sign to ward off evil when they see you
15They are making or have made a hot stew
16They are searching for a lost child
17They are frightened of strange noises nearby
18They are performing a fertility ritual
19One or more of them is injured
20They are taking part in a religious ritual

More Encounters

These tables are inspired from my WFRP Road Encounter generator. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators