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WFRP Rolls - The Pedlar, the Messenger and the Pilgrims

Duncan Thomson

"A friendly pedlar greets you on the road, warning you of ragged refugees ahead who tried to steal his mule"

Travellers on the Road

There are many who travel the trails of the Old World daily, wary of the dangers that surround them and suspicious of those they meet.

Complements the previous table for warriors


Travellers of the Old World

2A group of high elves or wood elvesA horse thief
3A caravan of Strigany with a mysticA travelling artist
4A noble and guardsA hedge witch
5A band of dwarfsA priest
6A priest with initiates and guards or a templarA trader with wagon or cart
7A band of halflingsA mounted messenger
8A noble and servantsA tinker
9A band of smugglersA friar
10A band of pilgrimsA pedlar
11A merchant with guardsA messenger on foot
12A troupe of entertainersA vagabond
13A bailiff and guards with a prisoner or tax collectorsA wandering minstrel
14A band of refugeesA travelling apocathery
15A foreign merchant and guardsA lone entertainer
16A tax collector with one or more bodyguardsA witch
17A wizard with apprentices and servants or guardsA tracker
18A trade caravan with guardsA wizard
19Horse thievesA scout
20A travelling circusA witch posing as a wizard

More Names

These tables are inspired from my WFRP Road Encounter generator. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators