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WFRP Rolls - Roadwardens and Drunken Mercenaries

Duncan Thomson

Armed priests of Sigmar stand in your way, singing a martial chant. Their leader, a tall woman, asks you how about dangers on the road ahead.

Generated from Warriors table below (roll of 5, a group of warrior priests) and the Warrior Complication Table (roll of 13, they stop to ask you about the road ahead)

On the Road - Armed and Dangerous

It's likely you will encounter many armed folks on the roads of the Old World. They might be the Roadwardens of the Empire, mercenaries from Tilea or grim-faced guards of a merchant's wagons.

These might be suspicious of the characters, worried about nearby dangers or a threat...

Road Encounters - Warriors

2d10Armed GroupLone Warrior
2A group of pistoliers or demilancersA judicial champion
3A group of dwarven slayersA pit fighter
4A group of horse archers or outridersA duellist
5A group of warrior priestsA templar
6A group of cavalryA flagellant
7A group of outridersA lone knight
8A patrol of mounted road wardensA troll slayer
9A group of mercenariesA witch hunter
10A pair of mounted road wardensA mercenary
11A group of soldiersA mounted road warden
12A group of outlawsAn outlaw
13A group of halberdiers or spearmena bounty hunter
14A knight with several squiresA toll keeper
15A group of archers or crossbowmenA warrior priest
16A group of guards with their employerA protagonist
17A group of flagellantsA bounty hunter with a captive
18A group of swordsmenAn ogre mercenary
19A group of handgunnersA giant slayer or dragon slayer
20A band of knightsA witch hunter and captive

Encounter Complications - Warrior

2d10Warrior Complication
2They are investigating a dead body
3They are washing or bathing
4They have a wagon, coach or cart with them
5They have killed and are butchering / cooking animals
6They have a prisoner
7They are helping some villagers
8They threaten you with violence
9They are afraid of something nearby
10They are enjoying a drink and offer you some
11They are eating travel rations on the side of the trail
12They are being hunting a wild beast or something worse...
13They stop to ask about the road ahead
14One or more of them is injured
15They attempt to stop others from passing
16They are carrying an unconcious companion
17They have drawn weapons and are investigating nearby foliage
18They are carrying a dead companion
19They are looking for a fight
20They are taking part in a religious ritual

More Encounters

These tables are inspired from my WFRP Road Encounter generator. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators