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WFRP Rolls - Road Encounters

Duncan Thomson

A hunter hails you on the road, as he studies large tracks leading into the forest...

Coaches, Outlaws and Woodcutters

I've started created generators for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and road encounters were some of the most requested generators.

Here we start with a simple Road Encounters table and follow up with more tables for beasts & monsters, villagers, patrols, travellers and locations.

Basic Road Encounters

2d10Road Encounters
2A hungry monster, such as a troll or hippogriff
3A wizard or witch with an apprentice
4A lone traveller, such as a minstrel or a tinker
5Mercenaries, such as Tilean crossbowmen or a lone ogre
6A group of outlaws who size you up
7A merchant with wagons and guards
8A hunter, with a recent kill or on the trail of something
9A group of wild beasts, such as wolves or deer
10Roadwardens or soldiers on patrol
11A wild beast, such as a bear or boar
12A group of villagers, such as a farmers or woodcutters
13A wandering priest or friar
14A coach, with mail or wealthy passengers
15A group of pilgrims or refugees
16A lone villager, such as a herbalist or a villager with a herd of animals
17A messenger, on foot or mounted
18Followed by foes, such as goblins, beastmen or mutants
19A lone warrior, such as a bounty hunter or witch hunter
20A dangerous monster, such as a wyvern or giant spider

More Encounters

These tables are inspired from my WFRP Road Encounter generator. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators