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WFRP Rolls - Dangers on the Road

Duncan Thomson

Hans swore he'd seen demigryphs young enough to tame, but now they were deeper into the forest and goblin faces were tracking them, growing in number with each hour...

Generated from Monsters table below (roll of 13, demigryph) and the Dangerous Group table (roll of 12, night or forest goblins)

Goblins, Mutants and Outlaws

Men and Monsters alike haunt the wilderness of the Old World.

Outlaws and goblins watch the roads from Empire forests. Further from civilisation mutants and beastmen cavort at cursed shrines.

Road Encounters - Dangers on the Road

2d10MonsterDangerous Group
2A jabberslytheA group of beastmen led by a minotaur
3A bog octopusA minotaur
4A hydraA mixed group of beastmen, mutants and a bray shaman
5A giantA group of undead
6A river trollA group of gors
7A wyvernA group of mutants led by a chaos warrior
8A griffonA group of ungors
9FimirA mixed group of outlaws and mutants
10A hippogriffA group of mutants
11A demigryphA group of outlaws
12A cave squigA group of forest or night goblins
13DemigryphsA group of cultists performing a ritual
14PegasiA group of goblins and snotlings
15Cave squigsA group of skaven clanrats
16A fenbeastA group of outlaws led by an infamous chief
17A rock trollA group of goblins with a cave squig
18A basiliskA group of wood elves
19A manticoreA group of orcs
20A dragonA group of skaven including a rat ogre

More Encounters

These tables are inspired from my WFRP Road Encounter generator. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators