Triton NPC Traits and Ideas for Dungeons and Dragons
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Triton NPC Traits and Ideas for Dungeons and Dragons

Duncan Thomson
Hlin Stonejaw is a druid who prefers action to talking. She believes in Respect but carries a secret that would bring shame to her clan if revealed.

Tritons Character Tables

Tritons have long been characters and npcs associated with the Elemental Plane of Water and ocean realms.

They arrived in D&D 5E with Theros and many have a fascination for things of the surface.

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Triton NPC Ideas

Use 1d10 for npcs with stats, and 1d10+10 for ones without.

1d20Triton NPC Ideas
1 Galaukus is a scarred noble with unusual colors on their fins. They are a pioneer in fashions, mixing styles from surface and sea.
2 Aryn has a bone white smile and skin gleaming in multiple colors. A mage with power over sea and sky, they are fascinated by seagulls
3 Vodos is a proud acolyte of the Sea God. A facial scar stands out, as do their missing fingers. They carry messages between coast and sea
4 Panectra is a wary berserker. To compensate for a small stature their fins are always fully expanded. They love a game played with shells
5 Umberlee is a trickster and spy, covered in so much cloth they can pass as a surface dweller. They have left home because of a scandal.
6 Dothyn is an eerie scout with a small purple octopus wrapped around their neck. They make no sound except for squeaks from their companion. They are an expert thief who targets fisherfolk
7 Nept is a snarling tribal warrior who is proud their sharp, shark-life teeth. They love hunts and have a challenge for one of the characters
8 Nales is a haughty priest with blue moist skin and shiny eyes like pearls. They scavenge from shipwrecks and ruins at any opportunity
9 Felorun is a heartbroken veteran (or triton shorestalker - MOoT) with spade-like hands. They dream of another creature from the sea
10 Svyelun is an old commoner with moist blue skin encrusted with shells. There is a place inland they wish to see before they die.
11 Jhimas is a wary triton known for weird remedies made of scavenged ingredients. Seaweed grows on them and they are never satisfied
12 Kopala is a calculating triton with scales in alternating blue and green patterns. They are a patrol leader planning a strike against a ship
13 Saphiro is a stern triton always found with their mount. Like the currents, they follow the same routes and routine each day
14 Theaneia is a triton fortune hunter with a whalebone breastplate. They try to educate all they meet about their people's history.
15 Uona is a triton commander with layered seaweed scarves. They are demanding that sailing vessels make great sacrifices to the Sea God.
16 Palamon is a playful triton philosopher with glittering webbing. They love to discuss abstract concepts with surface dwellers.
17 Leurybiais a triton seer with ancient knowledge, bearing a pearl trident . They phrase requests as orders expected to be obeyed.
18 Vuhana is triton explorer with a belt of seven magnificent shells. They love long voyages and think that no danger can stop them.
19 Corus is a tall hunter in shell armor who calls themself "the Crab Sovereign". They carry several crabs they are constantly talking to.
20 Razas is a curious triton trader with deep purple scales. They are ambitious and hope to gain recognition from the Sea God

Triton NPC Traits

1d20The NPC ...
1 has kind eyes
2 is always wet and dripping water
3 is quick to boast of the greatness of triton civilization
4 is obsessed with clams
5 is always feeding two seagulls on their shoulders or roll on Triton Pets
6 is loud and obnoxious
7 laughs like a rolling wave
8 speaks an antiquated version of Common
9 is loud but harmless
10 indulges an amphibious flying sea horse or roll on Triton Pets
11 rarely speaks
12 assumes that people are telling the truth
13 likes to venture into sunken ruins and shipwrecks
14 thinks fishing is abhorrent
15 is fascinated (or mystified) by the seasons or roll on Surface Fascination
16 is terrible at keeping secrets
17 laughs like a dolphin
18 is always chewing algae
19 uses their hands as a fan
20 is mystified (or fasincated) by bridges or roll on Surface Fascination

Triton NPC Distinctive Appearance

1d20The NPC ...
1 has alternating yellow and blue scales
2 looks like a pirate
3 wears a shimmering dress
4 has a long crest that moves like a wave
5 has bracers made of crustacean shells or roll on Triton Trinkets
6 has scales encrusted with small shells
7 has piercing yellow eyes
8 wears the helmet of made from a lobster shell
9 has clothes made of coral
10 has a trailing seaweed cloak or roll on Triton Trinkets
11 carries an array of shell instruments
12 has silver gills
13 has a short crest with cockle shells attached to it
14 has scales that switch between green and red
15 carries a fine trident embedded with pearls or roll on Triton NPC Treasures
16 has a sea anemone growing from their chin
17 has long, shark-like fins
18 carries nets and bags made of fine seaweed
19 has clothing made of sea urchin spines
20 wears a necklace of pearls or roll on Triton NPC Treasures

Triton NPC Ties to the Group

1d20The NPC ...
1-2 is curious about the same subject as a character
3-4 has had a vision (or dream) involving a character (or the group)
5-6 is trying to add to a collection of surface items and been told a character can help
7-8 has heard of the group's exploits from a priest known to the group
9-10 taught a character how to swim or is associated with an enemy of the group
11-12 They were told to aid the group by an oracle (or servant) of the Sea God
13-14 has been told about the group by the Sea God or is a friend of one of the characters
15-16 met one of the characters on a beach (or on a sea voyage)
17-18 has been given a prophecy about a character (or the group)
19-20 has information related to the sea that is useful to the group or is friends with someone the group aided in the past

Triton NPC Treasure

The higher the roll, the more valuable the item
Use 1d6 for 25 - 100 gp, 1d6+6 for 100 - 500 gp, 1d4+12 for 500 - 2000 gp and 1d4+16 for 2000+ gp

1d20Triton NPC Treasure
1 A mesmerizing bracelet of cowrie shells. 25 gp (or 1d6 x 10 gp)
2 A fine scarf of seaweed that moves as the wearer wills it. 25 gp (or 1d6 x 10 gp)
3 A box decorated with shiny shells, holding tea packets made of algae. 25 gp (or 1d6 x 10 gp)
4 A bone staff studded with shark teeth. 25 gp ( or 1d6 x 10 gp)
5 A glowing pair of castanets made of shells. 25 gp (or 1d6 x 10 gp)
6 A seal pelt cloak edged in seaweed. 25 gp (or 1d6 x 10 gp)
7 An ivory holy symbol of a sea deity. 250 gp (or 1d6 x 100 gp)
8 An exotic saddle made of sharkskin. 250 gp (or 1d6 x 100 gp)
9 A coral figurine of a naked sea god. 250 gp (or 1d6 x 100 gp)
10 A peridot worth 500 gp
11 A small copper chest studded with green shells. 250 gp (or 1d6 x 100 gp)
12 Dust of Dryness or roll on Triton Magic Items
13 A large ivory spoon depicting dolphins 750 gp (or 1d6 x 250 gp)
14 A necklace of pearls that glow blue. 750 gp (or 1d6 x 250 gp)
15 Cube of Force or roll on Triton Magic Items
16 A small diamond in a sharkskin pouch. 1000 gp
17 An intricate bracelet of calcite and coral engraved with a moving dragon turtle. 2500 gp (or 1d6 x 1000 gp)
18 +1 Trident or roll on Triton Magic Items
19 A large pearl engraved with the Aquan rune for 'Danger'. 5000 gp
20 Rope of Entanglement or roll on Triton Magic Items

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