Triton Character Traits and Personalities
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Triton Character Traits and Personalities

Duncan Thomson
Thectra is a fighter who refuses to eat fish due after a prophecy made by an oracle . She believes in Aspiration, seeking glory and status to attract the attention of another.

Tritons Character Tables

Tritons have long been characters and npcs associated with the Elemental Plane of Water and ocean realms.

They arrived in D&D 5E with Theros and many have a fascination for things of the surface.

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Triton Character Traits

1d20Triton Trait
1 I long to explore the cities of the surface world
2 I don't care for material possessions
3 I like to collect shells of a specific color
4 I am obsessed with the boats and ships of surface dwellers
5 Making new friends is my favorite hobby
6 I will refuse to eat fish
7 I like to make a small change every day
8 I like playing pranks on surface dwellers that end with them in water
9 I will not use long words
10 I like floating in the sea waves to relax
11 Water that has no salt feels weird to me
12 I am incredibly proud of my magnificent scales
13 I like to carve shells when I'm bored
14 I will stop to admire any piece of art
15 I really enjoy crab racing
16 I get bored easily and so I always want to go somewhere else
17 Just like the ocean, I'm always serene, no matter what
18 I am curious about the clothes and fashions of surface dwellers
19 I'll always find a quote about the ocean to say at any given situation
20 I think a thing is only worth doing if it is done right

Triton Ideals

1-2 Change. The ocean is in constant change, and so must we, for change can wear down mountains.
3-4 Charity. I always try to help those who need it, and respect people who do the same
5-6 Curiosity. Free thinking and questioning are the base of a healthy society
7-8 Wanderlust. I have an endless desire to explore realms of sea, land and beyond
9-10 Family. Blood is thicker than the ocean's waters
11-12 Aspiration. One day my name will by known by all tritons
13-14 Respect. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly
15-16 Duty. It is our responsibility to respect the teachings the Sea God has given us
17-18 Retribution. Those who exploit the sea will get their due
19-20 Tradition. It is the old traditions that last, for the temporary will be washed away

Triton Bonds

1d20Triton Bond
1-2 I would die to recover an ancient triton artifact that was stolen by surface dwellers
3-4 The sea is my home, and I'll always try to protect it
5-6 I got separated from my family by a storm, I want to see them again
7-8 I want power and fame to draw the attention of the one I love
9-10 I will face any challenge to prove my worth to the oracles
11-12 I am fascinated by something about the surface, and log the details I find in a journal
13-14 There's another triton that has been my rival my whole life, I will beat them one day
15-16 I am proud of my ever-growing collection of seashells
17-18 I owe my life to a surface dweller that me from danger. I don't know who they are
19 A pirate once attacked and raided my home, I'll make sure their home suffers
20 My friend is in the Underworld because of me. I will get them out

Triton Flaws

1d20Triton Flaw
1-2 I'd risk too much to discover something new
3-4 I'm always suspicious of surface dwellers
5-6 My gills flatten when I lie
7-8 I think tritons are superior to any surface dweller
9-10 Everything is in fact about me or my culture
11-12 I always get surface dweller customs wrong
13-14 I have nightmares when I'm away from the ocean for long
15-16 I can't avoid wanting to trick fisherfolk
17-18 I trust oracles and omens too much
19-20 I assume surface dwellers are telling the truth about their world

Surface Fascination

The triton is curious / fascinated / sceptical / confused about

1d20Surface Fascination
1 horses (or farm animals)
2 bridges
3 dragons
4 tall buildings
5 dogs
6 the seasons
7 bread
8 stone structures
9 wine or ale
10 baths
11 string instruments
12 trees
13 caves
14 waterfalls
15 leaves
16 wagons
17 the desert
18 cats
19 rivers
20 games involving running

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