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Table Rolls - 5 Room Dungeon, the Showdown

Duncan Thomson

They had driven the orcs over the swinging bridge of chains, but Sven been lost over the side, dragged under the crocodiles below. It ended suddenly with the warchief's beheading, the shaman fleeing and the goblins dropping on their knees begging to live.

What does your 5-room dungeon showdown look like?

Generated from tables below, the Showdown Details (roll of 6, there are two enemy leaders here working in partnership. One flees or surrenders when the other falls), Showdown Terrain (roll of 13, there is a bridge over something perilous) and Roleplaying Interaction (roll of 4, afterwards surviving minions beg for mercy)

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Room 4 of the 5-Room Dungeon: The Showdown

The Showdown or Big Climax of the 5-Room dungeon is where the characters meet the Big Bad and sort out their differences. This follows on from the other 5-room Dungeon articles and tables

Here are three tables for the Showdown , including the Details, Terrain and Roleplaying Opportunity

5 Room Dungeon tables - entrance | puzzles & setbacks | showdown | revelation or twist

Showdown Details

1d8+1d12Showdown Details
2There are two enemy leaders here working in partnership. They hate each other.
3Two or more challenges need to be overcome to claim victory here, requiring different skills
4There are two enemy leaders here working in partnership. They are lovers or their life forces are linked
5The lair is trapped and the enemy leader can set them off at opportune moments
6There are two enemy leaders here working in partnership. One flees or surrenders when the other falls
7Shortly into the encounter the enemy leader retreats to a second, better prepared chamber
8The enemy leader has a pet, a trap and a magic item all following the same theme
9The lair is trapped and the enemy leader can move around without setting traps off
10The enemy leader appears to hate or fear one of the PCs and targets them first
11The enemy leader has underlings attack while they look on from a suitable vantage point
12The enemy leader awaits them in a defensive chamber. Careful PCs will find preparations are not ready
13The enemy leader has an unusual or unexpected piece of equipment or magic item
14The enemy leader has a champion that fights the PCs first
15The enemy leader has some weaknesses and there were clues to these in previous areas
16The enemy has an unusual or unexpected ally or pet
17The enemy leader tries to settle things in an unusual way such as a duel, wager or deal
18The enemy leader reveals an item or person of great value and threatens to destroy it or put it out of the PC's reach
19The enemy leader has unusual or unexpected magic or other special power
20The enemy leader is weaker than expected and an underling is revealed as the big threat

Showdown Terrain

1d8+1d12Showdown Terrain
2Mirrors or chains line the walls
3There are many plants or fungi here
4A magical portal dominates one wall
5A series of steps lead to a raised platform
6A large fire is burning away or ready to go
7There is a large pool of water
8A large cage or mechanical device dominates one corner
9An ornate balcony overlooks the main area
10A large fountain sits central to the area
11There is an altar or statue to a dark power
12There is a open or covered pit with nasties or a dangerous liquid within
13There is a bridge over something perilous
14A large summoning circle dominates the room
15A dangerous pet lives here in a fancy lair
16There are several ledges holding minions with missile weapons
17There is a moving platform of some kind here
18There is a prominent statue or throne here
19Something is heated in a large metal cauldron
20The area is a laboratory of some kind

Showdown Roleplaying Interaction

1d8+1d12Hill Levels 1-4
2Afterwards a minion comes forward with the wishes or will of the enemy leader
3Before confrontation, a herald speaks for the enemy leader, conveying their wishes to the PCs
4Afterwards surviving minions beg for mercy
5The enemy leader demands to know who the PCs are and why are disturbing them
6Afterwards prisoners are reluctant to leave or offer to reward PCs if they release them
7A minion demands to know what reason they have for attacking the enemy leader
8Afterwards other minions offer to show hidden treasure if shown mercy
9The enemy leader talks to the PCs, trying to get news or information from them
10Afterwards prisoners are angry with the PCs for some reason or thank the PCs for freeing them
11The enemy leader tries to give a monologue or speech before dealing with PCs
12Afterwards the enemy leader returns as a ghost/vision/through a minion and swears vengeance
13The enemy leader tries to stall the PCs because minions need time to finish preparations or hide a prisoner/treasure
14The enemy leader gives some parting or dying words before dying or leaving
15The enemy leader tries to stall the PCs because reinforcements are on their way or a device is powering up
16Halfway through the enemy leader tries to stall for reinforcements or so they can escape
17The enemy leader recognises a PC and tries to get them to leave or switch sides
18Afterwards a minion or NPC comes out of enchantment, comes to senses or has a revelation
19The enemy leader starts off peaceful but becomes more and more angry as they talk
20Halfway through the enemy leader begs for mercy or tries to come to an agreement

The 5-Room Adventure Generator

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