Space Fantasy Ruins - Requests Table
Spelljammer Space Fantasy Ruins

Space Fantasy Ruins - Requests Table

Duncan Thomson

Ruins for Space Fantasy such as Spelljammer or Starfinder RPG.

Requests Tables

Occasionally I do requests tables where I ask people for ideas and create something for them. I always want to do more but forget how much effort they can be!

Today's is Space Fantasy Ruins, which fits in with Spelljammer and Starfinder.

Space Fantasy Ruins

1d10Space Fantasy Ruins
1 Curious space fish swarm around a hulk formed of ship carcasses. A troll smith picks through the junk, assembling a masterpiece.
2 Incision of Larb. A wall of wreckage surrounds a rotating bronze ring. Ghostly images appear within and scared voices can be heard calling.
3 A chaotic tavern of scoundrels rests among a sprawling confusion of metal and glass. It has good views of a famed rippling space anomoly.
4 Mutated beasts with arcane marks roam an old reinforced laboratory. It is said a certain combination of the clockwork doors opens a pocket dimension with a workshop for more dangerous research.
5 The Annihilation Lens. A crystal telescope shows places it cannot see. Glowing dust swirls around, forming into pointing humanoid figures.
6 A huge spaceship hull is embedded among the melted remains of a city. Sealed crates float around, with the mark of a rich trading family.
7 A shifting labyrinth of phantasms and psychic wards guard an alien vault. Fiendish constructs patrol the area, from an archway of fire.
8 The Threefold Loop. A mental beacon warns others from the remains of a space station. Frames of twisted steel surround a runed cube.
9 A force barrier encloses a floating arcane ship split in two. Inside are trapped monstrous undead figures. A makeshift camp of space rabble watches them, including a trader projecting lurid advertisements.
10 Ornate ruins are a mirage created by a forest of magical fungi to disguise a hollowed out asteroid. Inside is a colony of sentient oozes.

Finishing Up

Not much more to say about this!