Shadowfell Locations for D&D 5e Encounters
Shadowfell Encounter Locations

Shadowfell Locations for D&D 5e Encounters

Duncan Thomson
"Ivy-covered standing stones surround a memorial of marble and iron. Each stone bears a carved face weeping tears of blood. "

Tables for Wilderness, Semi-Civilised and Unusual Shadowfell locations. Result is from Shadowfell Unusual Locations.

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Shadowfell Encounter Locations

The Shadowfell is a mirror of the locations on the prime material. Forests of obsidian, tangles of thistles and rivers of sludge are marked with grey plants, broken tombstones and growths of bracken.

There is a 5e Shadowfell random encounter generator at ChaosGen.  And a separate tool for encounter locations including Shadowfell.

There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Shadowfell Encounters.

Shadowfell Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

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Shadowfell Wilderness Locations

d8+d12 Shadowfell Wilderness Locations
2 A deep hollow is surrounded by a many black and yellow mushrooms (glowing flies cover the area)
3 A pile of crumbling rocks sit by a shallow waterhole. A few rocks have been split in half (there are several snake skeletons)
4 A cliff of slate is covered with gray sludgy moss that smells of death. Crude handholds lead to an opening (it is drizzling)
5 A tangle of thistles surrounds three mounds of stones (there is a gravestone with an epitaph written in Dwarvish)
6 A high hill covered in ghostly insects. A tree at the summit as a hollow full of poisonous beetles (the sky is filled with dark clouds)
7 Two trees stand either side of a dried-up river. Each is carved with a grimacing face (nearby is a stone bridge)
8 A waterfall of ichor runs down a white cliff into a wide pool. Stunted trees grow on a rocky island (there is a marble bench on the island)
9 Glowing orange moss covers a forest of bones. The bones sway and make a humming noise (several skeletal birds are building a nest)
10 A slope of obsidian with several trenches and petrified trees (hailstones are falling, with bones mixed in)
11 A meadow of sickly grass glistens with specks of slime (there is a mist swirling with ghostly faces)
12 An expanse of salt flats has several sunken craters where spiky plants grow (there is a line of weathered statues)
13 Groves of hardy cacti cluster around growths of jagged crystal (there are obvious tracks of something large nearby)
14 A pile of moaning skulls lie by pools of black glass (scattered around are broken children's toys)
15 A river of inky darkness roils down the side of an eroded mesa (there is a circle of skulls atop the mesa)
16 Writhing vines cover much of the area, sprouting from a large cave entrance (nearby is stream of putrid brown water)
17 A mountain of corroded iron has growths of gray plants. The air is thick with ash (close by is deep ditch filled with webbing)
18 A forest of twisted trees has skeletal beasts that act as if alive and ignore living creatures (chains bind several trees together)
19 Stunted bushes creep among mud and bones. Several stop to watch any movement (there is a large pool of bubbling green slime)
20 Several saplings grow from a frozen lake. A hill of ash stands at the lake's middle. (the saplings glow red in bright light)

Shadowfell Semi-Civilised Locations

1d8+1d12Shadowfell Semi-Civilised Locations
2 A marble temple stands in a field of rubble. No doorways are visible and mirrors cover one side (it has a portal to the Astral Plane)
3 An obelisk of crystal and twisted metal faces on a steep slope (there is an illusion of a demon)
4 A wide well with wiry ivy growing from it. Steps lead to a weathered stone shrine to an unknown power (there are engravings in Goblin)
5 Three rope bridges cross a canal of bubbling tar. The bridges have all been repaired many times (there is a pile of animal bones)
6 A garden of red and black flowers grows from ash. Paths of crushed debris crisscross the area (there is a monument to a war deity)
7 A wall made of tombstones and stone heads. Many silver holy symbols hand from large spikes (someone has left a horned helmet)
8 A spring of brackish water and a brightly painted tomb that stands out from everything else. (there is curse written in Dwarvish)
9 A pavilion tent made from many hides and skins. Several skulls on poles turn to watch intruders (an old spirit is trapped here)
10 A beast pen with bone fences holds several zombie goats (there is a circle of scythes driven into the ground nearby)
11 A pool of moving slime by a trapdoor (there is a grimlock corpse)
12 Several crumbling walls enclose a throne made of rusted blades (there are groans of a crowd of bound spirits)
13 A hut of polished wood, surrounded by a spiked iron fence (there is a handcart filled with dead flowers)
14 A murky pond is infested with ghostly crabs. It is surrounded by a pathway of crushed bones (small dust devils drift around the area)
15 A squat bronze statue with several pathways leading to it. Several stone arms reach up from the ground (lying here is a burning torch)
16 A ruined watchtower of bone and iron covered in tattered flags (many ravens are nesting here)
17 A garden of large vegetables growing in strange shapes. Four crude scarecrows watch over it (it is protected by an golem)
18 An abandoned inn with wooden tables outside. Skeletons wait with trays of flagons and glasses (nearby is a grove of stunted willows)
19 A wooden bridge crosses a noxious river. The bridge creaks loudly and it is magically dark beneath it (nearby is a stone statue of a troll)
20 A tall unstable windmill which is supported by a cyclops skeleton (nearby is a pond filled with zombie fish)

Shadowfell Unusual Locations

1d8+1d12Shadowfell Unusual Locations
2 Pink flowers stand out in a broad valley. A raven is carved into a slope, with disturbing programmed illusions as its eyes.
3 Bodies and spirits are bound to trees in a gloomy grove. Tablets describe betrayals and crimes. Creatures of earth guard the area.
4 Scarred Meet. A crossroads is littered with bright stones. Markers with painted cards mark Shadowfell crossings to other lands.
5 A stream of sludge falls onto a slowly turning wheel. It is linked to a series of groaning pipes and mechanisms set into the cliff.
6 There are fields of stunted crops and pools of bubbling muck. In the area are scraps of armor, rusted weapons and broken arrows.
7 A putrid river is cloaked with fog and infested with skeletal predators. It winds around a bleak hill with a tomb at the top. The river is Desecrated Ground (DMG pg 110).
8 Fell of Mirrors. An old arry has many sides of polished reflective stone. Several petrified creatures are caught half-in the stone.
9 Beside a tree of moving metal blades is a concealed tunnel entrance. the surrounding sand dunes cover old stone structures.
10 Waste is strewn in putrid piles, disturbed by scavengers. Weird cacti grow here and something speaks in alluring whispers
11 A worn path is lined with runed skulls. It leads through a hamlet of collapsed huts and an orchard of trees bearing rotten fruit.
12 Gloomcreek. Tremors cause waves on a lake of foul water. Dark moss grows on several wrecks, emanating a strong sense of dread.
13 Ivy-covered standing stones surround a memorial of marble and iron. Each stone bears a carved face weeping tears of blood.
14 A putrid stream carries corpses and scraps of wood. A ferry is borne by a trudging golem. Illusions of shocked creatures line one shore.
15 An hill of sedge is home to cutting winds that groan with warnings (or voices those listening know). Two toppled statues lie at te top.
16 Bonewind Keep. Ghostly spiked vines grow amid castle ruins. Thick webs layer a large area and there is a circle of painted wagons.
17 A bridge spans a chasm and bears wards against magic. It has a tower with panoramic views. Several worn paths lead up to the area.
18 Muddy paths lead through a network of crumbling walls, broken statues and gray buildings. There is a constant drizzle and faint mist.
19 A greenish cloud hovers here, moving gradually across the land. A stream of beetles follows in its wake, devouring vegetation.
20 The Awakened Temple. A structure of bone and bronze sits atop a crag. A moat of broken ice protects it, spanned by large slippery chains. From the heights, mocking spirits voice their dark thoughts.

More Encounters and Locations

There is a 5e Shadowfell random encounter generator at ChaosGen.  And a separate tool for encounter locations including Shadowfell.

There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Shadowfell Encounters.

Shadowfell Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

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