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Minotaur Character Random Tables for D&D 5e

Duncan Thomson
Magrath is a minotaur who describes everything in terms of war and combat. They believe in Pride and is guided by an ancestor who speaks through dreams and omens. Their pride sometimes leads them to bad decisions and their horns jut to the sides, curving upwards.

Minotaur Characters

Minotaurs have been in Dungeons and Dragons since the start, although as a monster and from Greek Myth. They gained prominence in Dragonlance as a player race and more recently in Ravnica and Theros. Often they are associated with goring horns, honour, rage, battle and boats.

They are a good option for a savage race with a reputation for toughness and combat prowess. They can charge foes with their horns, are never unarmed and knock them backwards in melee.  They are perfect for fighters, barbarians and other strength-based builds. The opening up of worlds from Magic: the Gathering such as Theros and Ravnica have brought them back into dnd 5e.

Here are tables for character traits, ideals, bonds and flaws. Last is a table for minotaur horns

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Minotaur  Traits

1 I am fascinated by complex puzzles, mazes and intricate things
2 I welcome any staring contest or other test of wills
3 My horns are my pride and joy
4 I idolize the hero I was named after, constantly referring to their deeds
5 I like being strong and fierce
6 I laugh at insults. The better the insult the more I laugh
7 If I've decided to do something important I'll see it through to the end
8 In battle I sing old songs praising my ancestors
9 I am eager to share the wisdom of the ancestor I was named after
10 I like to test the mettle and wits of those I meet
11 I ask everyone I meet for a joke or a story
12 I describe everything in terms of war and combat
13 I'm always loud and boisterous
14 I have many and stories and examples of wisdom from my ancestors
15 I'm good at defusing tensions with jokes or threats
16 I'm haunted by memories of slaughter and violence
17 I like my jokes long and complex
18 The more danger there is the happier I get
19 When I forget to keep rein of my emotions they overwhelm me
20 I have a love of boats and water I find hard to explain

Minotaur  Ideals

1-2 Aspiration. Some day others will take on my name as their own
3-4 Courage. Nothing can turn me away from walking the hardest of paths
5-6 Discipline. The path to betterment is through mastery of self
7-8 Glory. My deeds will be carved in the halls of my birth and my name written in the stars
9-10 Honor. If I act without honor I shame the name I carry.
11-12 Might. Those strong enough to make the rules rule the herd
13 Pride. I will do anything to be the best there is
14-15 Redemption. We can all find redemption for the past in deeds of honor and glory
16-17 Respect. A group that achieves great things is kept together by respect between companions
18 Savagery. Bloody deeds are needed to keep the world in motion
19-20 Zeal. Nothing is more important that the righteous path I tread for my belief

Minotaur Bonds

1-2 I have a growing collection of trophies from the challenges I overcome
3-4 I have left my family driven by visions of a greater destiny
5-6 Another helped me from seeking a dark, dangerous path of slaughter
7-8 I am outcast from my kind and seek a way to redeem myself
9-10 Out there is a powerful monster I have sworn to defeat
11-12 Another saved my life when I was young and I will never leave any who need me
13-14 I will become the greatest hero that ever lived
15-16 A rival defeated me and I will take my revenge on them when the time is right
17-18 My ancestor speaks to me in dreams and omens and guides my path
19-20 I work to protect a place sacred to those I value most

Minotaur  Flaws

1-2 I won't back down in the face of danger
3-4 I don't believe I can ever get lost
5-6 I let my need to win contests damage friendships and other bonds
7-8 My pride often leads me to bad decisions
9-10 I am the minotaur who does have a short temper
11-12 If someone questions my courage I won't stop until I have proven it
13-14 My zeal sometimes blinds me to the horrors around me
15-16 I sometimes forget that battle is not the only option
17-18 I am stubborn in my beliefs and philosophy
19 I am hunted by a rival family of bloodthirsty minotaurs
20 I am easily distracted by the smell of fresh meat

Minotaur Horns

Use this table for backstory and other ideas tying to parts of elven or human world.

1d20Minotaur Horns
1 Your horns jut to the sides and curve upwards
2 One of your horns is larger than the other
3 Your long horns are notched and bear several bronze rings
4 One horn has broken off and has an artificial metal replacement
5 Your horns are always tinged with red at the points
6 Your horns are considered perfect by your society
7 Your horns are antlered and still growing each year
8 Your horns are different colors and one bears a rune
9 Intricate patterns of color cover your horns
10 Your horns are long and capped in bronze
11 Your horns curl back on themselves
12 The tip of one of your horns is broken off
13 Your horns go out sideways and curve back like sickles
14 You have two pairs of horns, the smaller pair curving down beside your lower face
15 Your horns curve forward and known for their sharpness
16 In combat your horns take on a reddish glow
17 Your impressive horns spiral upwards
18 One of your horns is etched with small runes
19 Your horns are short but intricately shaped
20 Your horns are both very different - roll once on this chart for each (treat 20 as a 2)

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For more minotaur tables try the Minotaur Characters - random tables on DM's Guild or a minotaur character ideas generator

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