Jungle Non-Combat Encounters, NPCs and Hazards for DnD 5e
Jungle Non-Combat Encounters

Jungle Non-Combat Encounters, NPCs and Hazards for DnD 5e

Duncan Thomson
"An awakened ankylosaurus speaks Common and is a respected oracle. They donate any gifts to a group of friendly local humanoids."

Tables for Non-Combat Encounters, Quick NPCs and Hazards & Obstacles for the jungle. Result is from Jungle Non-Combat Encounters.

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Jungle Non-Combat, NPCs & Hazards

Not all things in the jungle want to eat travellers. Apes may want to trade, plant creatures may want to talk. Meet NPCs from elderly kenku living in the canopy to cultists trying to contact jungle spirits. Deal with harmless insect swarms or avoid quicksand, tar pits and mold.

There is a 5e jungle random encounter generator at ChaosGen.  And a separate tool for encounter locations including jungle.

There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Jungle Encounters.

Jungle Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

Jungle Encounter Tables - creatures | locations | non-combat | complications

Jungle Non-Combat Encounters

1d8+1d12Jungle Non-Combat Encounters
2 A confused mummy lord seeks artisans to repair a ruined tomb
3 A lonely elephant (or triceratops) has a damaged howdah. Accustomed to humanoids and follows party if showed attention.
4 A bugbear (Int 12, nature +5) on an axe beak has a shield with a symbol of peace. A scholar of trees performing some research
5 A shambling mound (Int 6) is fascinated by group and spies on them
6 A lizardfolk shaman with closed eyes hangs from a branch by their tail. Respected by local creatures as an oracle and dream interpreter
7 A harrased noble leads an expedition of several commoners, guards and mules. Their guide left after an argument and now they are lost.
8 A few apes try trading fruit, crude tools and a potion for shiny things
9 A brightly colored bird (raven stats) performs a dance. It tries to lead group to a local shrine where several birds dance a spectacular ritual
10 A talkative dryad guides friendly creatures to a cave of potent fungi
11 An outcast yuan-ti malison offers their services as a jungle guide
12 A friendly druid (or bard - VGtM ) communicates in signs and beast noises. They are a renowned mask maker and have several to trade
13 A fearful acolyte has escaped a snake cult and seeks refuge.
14 An old kenku is searching for a tall enchanted tree. It's branches are said to be shrouded in mist and those climbing it can touch the sky.
15 A lone priest with an unhappy mule is searching for humanoids to convert to their faith. They are ill-equipped for the environment
16 A delirious veteran (or champion - VGtM) mutters about a talking statue. Under a curse and have lost their weapons in the foliage
17 An awakened ankylosaurus speaks Common and is a respected oracle. They donate any gifts to a group of friendly local humanoids
18 An artistic wereboar is drawing a beloved pet toad. Wants feedback
19 A githzerai zerth seeks aid in finding ruins marked on a strange map
20 A relaxed adult white dragon spends a few years in jungle every decade. Never goes hungry here but seeks news of the wider world.

Jungle Quick NPCs

1d4+1d6Jungle Quick NPCs
2 Theren Firahel is a frowning elf mage with a green cloak. They are a skilled artist and are hunting the jungle for rare components
3 Exava is a well-equipped human veteran with a broad-brimmed hat. They are traveling with 1d6 tribal warriors (or guards) and searching for nearby ruins where they hope to find a lost relic
4 Saral is a relaxed halfling druid with a pet monkey. The are a skilled boatmaker and love fishing, keeping only what they need to survive.
5 Hummer is an elderly kenku (or archer - VGtM) with an ornate animal mask who lives in the tree canopy. They warn strangers of an evil monster that lives nearby [they have a climb speed of 20 ft]
6 Madislak is a tattooed tribal warrior with missing fingers. they are hunting a jungle beast to gain renown in their tribe. They are knowledgeable about the local area
7 Gimurt Runejaw is a big dwarf scout with an ornate belt. They are a skilled tattooist. They will create jungle-themed tattoos for a high fee
8 Westra is a feverish cult fanatic (or necromancer - VGtM) with a badly swollen leg. They are the last survivor of an expedition trying to contact a local undead. They beg for help in completing their task
9 Romero Ramondo is a sunburned priest with lots of freckles. They are looking to convert others to their faith and are currently trying to calm a jungle beast
10 Palin is a cheerful assassin with long hair who likes to sing ballads. They are harvesting venomous jungle plants to create poisons

Jungle Hazards and Obstacles

1d8+1d12Jungle Hazards and Obstacles
2 An area of fungal spores that cause madness (or vivid dreams)
3 Flash floods
4 Insects or vermin carrying disease
5 Jungle fire and smoke or thick webs (DMG pg 105)
6 Several shriekers that attract other creatures
7 A heavy mist or fog descends around party
8 An area of poisonous fungal spores (or diseased fungus spores)
9 Thunder and lightning
10 A Falling Net trap (DMG pg 122) or Poison Darts trap (DMG pg 123)
11 Heavy rain (Heavy Precipitation - DMG pg 110)
12 Harmless but noisy beasts alarmed by party. Attract attention of other creatures if nothing done
13 An area of quicksand (DMG pg 110)
14 Swarm of harmless insects surround and follow party. Reduce visibility and make many tasks harder
15 An old statue (or totem or shrine) that can cause a curse (as bestow curse)
16 Several diseased beasts (or dead bodies) (DMG pg )
17 One or more tar pits (similar to quicksand but flammable)
18 A stampede of wild herd beast
19 A patch of Brown or Yellow Mold (DMG pg 105)
20 An old statue (or totem or shrine) that can cause a geas

More Encounters and Locations

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Jungle Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

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