Jungle Encounter Locations for DnD 5e
Jungle Encounter Locations

Jungle Encounter Locations for DnD 5e

Duncan Thomson
"A large ape statue hugs an ancient tree and it is marked with many crude drawings. On a full moon apes and monkeys gather here."

Tables for Wilderness, Semi-Civilised and Unusual jungle locations. Result is from Jungle Unusual Locations.

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Jungle Encounter Locations

The jungle is dominated by canopy blocking out the sun and thick tangles of foliage. Vines and mangroves, quicksand and bright fungi mark wild areas while a ruined statue or hut in the trees marks signs of civilisation.

There is a 5e jungle random encounter generator at ChaosGen.  And a separate tool for encounter locations including jungle.

There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Jungle Encounters.

Jungle Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

Jungle Encounter Tables - creatures | locations | non-combat | complications

Jungle Wilderness Locations

1d8+1d12Jungle Wilderness Locations
2 A stream flowing into a polluted river (holy to a power of pestilence)
3 An old track leading by a clearing of tree stumps (there is a horrible smell lingering in the air)
4 A patch of large-leafed plants and a wide hollow (near a crumbling giant statue)
5 A narrow waterfall in front of a cave-mouth. There is a hidden tunnel entrance (warm rain is falling)
6 A mound of debris near a thorny patch of bright berries (there is a pungent smell)
7 A patch of ferns and a pool of colorful fish (there is a large swarm of flies approaching)
8 An area of lush flowers and a part-buried statue (there is the corpse of a stirge)
9 A muddy river with a patch of large-leafed plants (by a house raised up from the ground)
10 A large wide pool fed by a spring. There are a few insect-covered saplings (the birds and animals have gone quiet)
11 A few twisted trees by a sparkling river. There are many hanging vines (there is a damaged raft)
12 A noisy waterfall above a narrow gorge (it is associated with axe beaks)
13 A clearing of fungi with a pile of stones (there are a few hammocks)
14 A dark canyon with a patch of lush vines (nearby is a covered cave entrance)
15 A reed-filled stream. There is a patch of bright flowers (there is a rainbow)
16 A muddy sinkhole surrounded by moss (it is associated with a powerful ghost)
17 An area of cinnamon trees (there is a strong fungal scent)
18 An old campsite surrounded by An area of colorful ferns (close to a sinister obelisk)
19 A clearing of vine-covered foliage (nearby is the fresh corpse of a giant lizard)
20 A ford across a turbulent river (it is associated with a mysterious rakshasa)

Jungle Semi-Civilised Locations

1d8+1d12Jungle Levels 11+
2 A ferry over a river by a vine-covered statue (close by are a few carved trees)
3 An old raised walkway near a few nut saplings (there is the body of a rhinoceros)
4 An unlit fire and a shrine to a power of healing (there is a human skull)
5 A hut near a shrine to a forgotten power. (by an area of rock-strewn ground)
6 A small sunken monument by a few towering trees (partially covered is a bone axe)
7 A decorated obelisk blessed by a power of water (there is the body of a mutant crocodile)
8 A lonely hut surrounded by plants (close by is an overgrown stream)
9 A ruined beast pen with the bones of many dinosaurs (there is a damaged canoe)
10 A wooden bench surrounded by leaves. (there are dinosaur tracks that look recent)
11 A stone well covered in vines by the remains of another civilization (there is writing here in Draconic)
12 A covered tunnel entrance by a patch of quicksand (there is a large swarm of insects approaching)
13 A watchtower on a tall hill (the area borders the Upper Planes)
14 A reed hut by a sparkling pool covered with lily pads (heavy rain is falling)
15 A wooden walkway leading up a slope and a smoldering fire. (lying here is a colored rock)
16 A hut on stilts by a shrine to a forgotten power (the area is associated with spiders)
17 A wooden walkway leading up a steep slope. (there is a small tent)
18 A crackling campfire by a few nut trees. (currently there is thunder and lightning)
19 A collapsed well by a fallen tree (nearby is the fresh corpse of a pony)
20 A temple to a power of life and a shallow pond (it is associated with crocodiles)

Jungle Unusual Locations

1d8+1d12Jungle Unusual Locations
2 Spire of the Forgotten. Crumbling ruins of a temple are protected by a hallow spell. A lone tall tree towers from its center. Floating stones bearing the names of the dead form spiral stairs leading up the tree.
3 A path of moss leads up a valley slope. Trees by the path are heavy with ripe fruit. One tree is covered with shimmering insects. Climbing the tree leads to the Feywild.
4 The trees here all hum in a low drone and move in a slow dance. (each tree can move 5 feet on its turn but take no other actions)
5 Beneath thick canopy is a long trench of colorful fungi. Bats, lizards and insects emerge from a cave below (or Underdark entrance).
6 Thorn Ghost Crossing. A bridge of thorns and vines between two large trees provides a crossing to a raging river. Stories of a lonely plant spirit watching over the bridge, appearing to some creatures.
7 A large tree holds a deserted treehouse and has a base covered in razorveine (DMG). Several rope bridges lead to other trees.
8 Bushes full of berries surround a magnificent totem of several beasts. At night spirits gather here and the totem faces come alive.
9 A large ape statue hugs an ancient tree and it is marked with many crude drawings. On a full moon apes and monkeys gather here.
10 Tiger Falls. A waterfall tumbles down a smooth cliff into a sparkling lake. Druidic magic attracts cats and cat-monsters to drink here.
11 The bright flowers of this large clearing have an acrid scent. A few bone masks lie here and those lingering may have visions of fiends.
12 A sluggish river is covered in large lily pads. The canopy above is covered in webbing and several strands hang down to the water.
13 A mist always covers the trees here and it is usually raining. It is blessed by a power of water and has several underwater caves.
14 Sharptooth Bore. Two streams feed into a circular lake. The sides descend several hundred feet and are covered in vines and vegetation. Many large reptiles are found in the lake and nearby.
15 Steps cut into a vine covered cliff lead to a cave mouth. A hallucinatory terrain conceals deep mud and patches of quicksand at the bottom of the steps. Many scavengers lurk nearby.
16 A rock outcrop is surrounded by dead and dying vegetation. A canoe is chained here, covered in amulets used to ward against curses.
17 Parts of a clearing are marked off by crude low fences of bones. Within these tall plants grow from the mouths of skulls. An undead spellcaster sometimes tends to the "garden"
18 Sanctuary of Blossoms. A wooden path leads up a steep slope to flower-covered ruins. It is used as a temple to a power of life.
19 A wide gorge that plunges into magical darkness caused by a crossing to the Shadowfell. No vegetation grows near the gorge and whispering skulls line the edges
20 Among bones of a gigantic beast grow mushrooms and plants known for potent poisons. Area protected by programmed illusion of a hideous dinosaur (or dragon). A snake familiar spies for another.

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