Jungle Encounter Complications and Activities for DnD 5e

Jungle Encounter Complications and Activities for DnD 5e

Duncan Thomson
"There is an overgrown entrance, covered tunnel or secret door to a cave, cavern complex, tomb or other underground area."

Tables for Encounter Complications, Encounter Activities or States and Encounter Sentient Activity for the jungle. Result is from Jungle  Encounter Complications.

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Jungle Encounter Complications and Activities

What makes this jungle encounter different? Maybe they descend on the group using vines or defend a Feywild crossing. Maybe the tropical disease they are carrying or they are fleeing from a beast stampede. Or they could be hunting a tiger or felling trees ready to make a raft or canoe.

There is a 5e jungle random encounter generator at ChaosGen.  And a separate tool for encounter locations including jungle.

There is also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Jungle Encounters.

Jungle Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

Jungle Encounter Tables - creatures | locations | non-combat | complications

Jungle Encounter Complications

1d8+1d12Jungle Encounter Complications
2 The area is affected by a mirage arcana (or forbiddance) spell
3 Nearby is a powerful creature those encountered try not to disturb. Roll or pick a result from Jungle Encounters Level 11+
4 There is a hallucinatory terrain (or progammed illusion) spell here
5 There is a prisoner in the encounter or a lone traveler nearby. Roll on Quick Jungle NPCs
6 There is a second group of creatures nearby (roll again on the appropriate encounter table)
7 There is a hazard in the area. Roll on Jungle Hazards & Obstacles
8 There are humanoids as allies, servants, mercenaries or prisoners (or are nearby) roll on Jungle Humanoids
9 There are several hanging vines that lead up to trees or a platform or roll on Jungle Combat Terrain
10 There are beasts as pets / guards (or nearby). Roll on Jungle Beasts
11 There are recent tracks of other creatures in the area (roll again on the appropriate encounter table)
12 Heavy rain is falling or there is a thunder storm
13 There is a hidden item or cache here. Roll on Minor Jungle Treasures
14 A mist covers the area or the birds and beasts have gone quiet
15 The creatures are carrying a magic item or it is hidden nearby. Roll on Magic Items - Jungle
16 There is an overgrown entrance, covered tunnel or secret door to a cave, cavern complex, tomb or other underground area.
17 A swarm of harmless insects is approaching or a forest fire has started nearby
18 There is a crossing to the Shadowfell or Feywild here or there is a planar portal / magic circle here
19 The area is cursed by a deity or local spirit. It is Desecrated Ground (DMG pg 110 ). A ghost or other undead may be lurking in the area.
20 There is a group of adventurers of similar level or lower level to the party in the area. They have a connection to the encounter.

Jungle Encounter Activities or States

1d4+1d6Jungle Encounter Activities or State
2 One of them is a shapechanger or they are haunted or harassed by another creature
3 One or more are close to death or close to giving birth
4 They are investigating (or playing with) an item (roll on Jungle Mundane Items or Jungle Minor Treasures)
5 One or more are exhausted or cleaning / washing themselves
6 They are drinking (or collecting) from a water source
7 One or more are injured (not at full hit points or reduced speed)
8 They are making lots of noise or studying something in the trees
9 They are searching the area for sustenance or a companion
10 They are near to their home or lair or are making a new home or lair
11 They are resting or eating
12 They are stalking (or being stalked by) something or exploring the area
13 One or more of them is infected with a disease or cursed
14 They are chasing (or being chased by) something or they have young with them
15 They are starting (or ending) a journey or migration
16 They are part of (or associated with) a local group or they guard the local area
17 They are fleeing a nearby danger, disaster or other threat or they are waiting for someone / something
18 One of them is larger than normal (extra hit points)
19 They are investigating a dead body (roll on Quick Jungle NPCs)
20 One of them is mutilated (or mutated) in some way

Jungle Encounter Sentient Activity

1d8+1d12Jungle Encounter Sentient Activity
2 They are holding a funeral or spying on something
3 They are investigating (or searching for) a ruin
4 They display the symbol of a local deity or faction
5 They are chopping down trees or having a celebration
6 They are climbing trees or building something
7 They are talking with someone (roll on Quick Jungle NPCs) or they are intoxicated
8 They are hacking through thick foliage or hiding from something
9 They are searching for a person or place
10 They are following a guide (or trail)
11 They are foraging for sustenance (or herbs)
12 They are hunting a beast or relaxing
13 They are lost or performing a ritual
14 They are on patrol or one or more are telling a story
15 They are making a canoe (or other watercraft)
16 They are waiting in ambush for someone or playing with a pet
17 They are preparing or consuming food or a herbal mixture
18 They are following a damaged map or having an argument
19 They are are trying to lift a curse or creating some kind of art
20 They are searching for the party or other adventurers

More Encounters and Locations

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Jungle Encounters Random Tables on DM's Guild Unusual Encounters Bundle on DM's Guild

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