Haunted Wilds of Strahd
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Haunted Wilds of Strahd

Duncan Thomson
2d4 phantom warriors (CoS) on patrol, on a route that never changes

Simple encounters for Horror or Ravenloft using monsters from Curse of Strahd.

Tables for Haunted Wilds (levels 1-4 & levels 5-10) and Wilds Beasts

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Strahd Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Strahd Tables Bundle on DM's Guild

In the wilds around Ravenloft and Curse of Strahd roam hunters from the villages, but also hungry wolves, malevolent fey and cursed monsters. And to be there still when darkness falls is to invite calamity from all corners.

These wilds could exist in Barovia or elsewhere in Ravenloft or the Shadowfell. Equally they might be influenced by dark powers or under an evil curse.

Haunted Wilds (Levels 1-4)

d8+d12Haunted Wilds lvl 1-4
2 1d2 swarms of ravens led by 1 harpy that love shiny objects
3 1 priest with 1d4 guards is looking for a rare herb
4 1 shadow demon spies on group and makes noises from the darkness
5 1 bullywug on a giant toad is trying to find somewhere to belong
6 1d4 acolytes searching for a shrine are following 1 will-o'-wisps
7 1 werewolf with 1d3 wolves asks group to join vigil for a dead friend
8 1d6 needle blights try to convey something about a hag to the group
9 1d4 giant owls try to lead group to a shrine where a spirit offers aid
10 1 druid is arguing with their mount, a broom of animated attack (CoS)
11 4d6 commoners led by 1 acolyte carry torches and pitchforks. They are searching for someone.
12 2d4 giant bats, one has a sack tied to it or roll on Wilds Beasts
13 1d4 scouts from a nearby village are hunting for meat and pelts
14 1d4 depressed dryads talk about the hopelessness of the world
15 1d2 brown bears blighted with disease or roll on Wilds Beasts
16 1 wounded knight slumped over their warhorse, babbling nonsense
17 1 nothic tries to follow the group until they rest
18 1d4 wolves led by 1 dire wolf or roll on Wilds Beasts
19 1d4 quaggoths climbing among the trees are curious about strangers
20 1 shambling mound dragging a net of debris and interesting objects

Haunted Wilds (Levels 5-10)

d8+d12Haunted Wilds lvl 5-10
2 1 witch (baba lysaga stats - CoS) collecting potent mushrooms
3 1 elf warrior (stats of Rahadin - CoS) is shouting at something invisible
4 1 werebear carrying a berserker axe, with 2d4 brown bears
5 1 berserker with 2d6 dire wolves asks if they are hunters or prey
6 1 fomorian with one-eye offers to read fortunes in return for meat
7 1 injured and dying treant. Warns of a dangerous tree blight nearby
8 1 muscled gladiator who is haunted by visions and seeking peace
9 1d6 satyrs, 1d4 ettercaps, 1d2 cult fanatics and 1 green hag are dancing around a fire with a pair of villagers hung above it
10 1d4 ettercaps with 2d4 giant spiders and 1 phase spider
11 1d2 werewolves with 2d4 wolves and 1d6 dire wolves pursuing prey
12 A kindness of 2d4 wereravens (Cos) poses as druids, asking questions
13 1d2 galeb duhrs are willing to show a secret sanctum they protect
14 2d4 phantom warriors (CoS) on patrol, on a route that never changes
15 1 tree blight with 1d4 vine blights, 1d6 needle blights and 1d8 twig blights are on a mission for a Gulthas tree
16 1d3 yuan-ti malisons and 1 giant constrictor snake were brought here by a stone idol. They want information more than anything else
17 1 night hag mounted on a nightmare is circling a nearby hill
18 1d4+2 gricks and 1 grick alpha investgating a fallen figure
19 Various animated objects (stats of 2d4 flying swords and 1d4 animated armors) led by 1 strahds animated armor (CoS), are gathering more items into their "pack". A force animates some objects around them
20 1 hut of a local (Baba Lysaga's creeping hut stats) has been possessed by a spirit and is on a rampage

Wilds Beasts (Levels 1-4)

d4+d6Wilds Beasts lvl 1-4
2 1 owl (or cat) who is a familiar of another creature nearby
3 1d3 swarms of insects or 1 saddled warhorse with no rider
4 2d4 giant bats, one has a bag tied to it
5 2d6 boars who are nervous, one is injured
6 1d4+1 giant spiders who are creating a strange web structure
7 2d4 wolves, strangely quiet and watch from a distance
8 1d2 brown bears blighted with disease
9 2d6 deer or 1d4 wolves led by 1 dire wolf
10 1d4 wild riding horses that follow a skeletal warhorse

Strahd Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Strahd Tables Bundle on DM's Guild

More tables at Strahd Encounter Tables on DM's Guild