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Halfling Characters for D&D 5e - Random Tables

Duncan Thomson
Kithri is a halfling who loves to eat plum pies. They are an expert at doing nothing and live to the ideal of stability, preferring not to rock the boat. They are the last of their family and want to keep their stories alive. Sadly their luck runs out at the worst times and this has forced them out on a life of adventure...

Halfling Characters

Halflings are one of the oldest races of Dungeons and Dragons. Often they are associated with rural lives, thievery, hairy feet and stealing rings from dragon hoards.

They are a popular races, attractive for playing a small-sized character, added stealth options and their luck ability for players who tend to roll lots of 1s. 5E halflings can choose from two subraces in the core rules, the lightfoot and stouts.

Here are tables for character traits, ideals, bonds and flaws. Last is a table for halfling pies

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Halfling Traits

1 I have a great faith in my luck
2 I'm full of my mother/s fathers proverb for everything
3 I keep treats and snacks on me for all occasions
4 I am an expert at doing nothing
5 I have a lesson for every situation, handed down by halfling elders
6 I am driven by a need to see new places
7 I prefer practical solutions. A simple plan is the best one
8 I love to spread rumours and listen to gossip
9 I once ate seventeen meals in one day for a bet. I'd do it again if I had to
10 I am loved for my kindness and generosity
11 I am always willing to cheer up others
12 I will try to find peace between those who have disagreements
13 I always have a pie ready, stowed away for any emergency
14 If someone needs help, I can't refuse it
15 I love any excuse to throw a party
16 My friends know I'll be there when they need me
17 I love to spread rumours and listen to gossip
18 I have a story for every occasion
19 I enjoy good health, fine things and many comforts. Why accept anything less?
20 I feel everything can be made better with a hot drink and something sweet

Halfling Ideals

1-2 Community. It our duty to look after our neighbours, helping them when times get tough
3-4 Curiosity. Finding about everything will make for the best stories
5-6 Friendship. bonds of friendship mean far more than coins or pretty things
7-8 Independence. I must prove to myself that I can handle life outside of home and hearth in the land of the big folk
9-10 Live and Let Live. Few things are worth killing over or hurting others for
11-12 Present. The future has yet to come and the past has gone. Live only for the moment.
13-14 Respect. We should take care of the thoughts and feelings of others
15-16 Stability. The comforts of home and family are more important than nature and big cities
17-18 Tradition. We have prospered with the lifestyle for centuries. Why change it now?
19-20 Wanderlust. I have a need to see far corners of the world before I return home

Halfling Bonds

1-2 I want to make stories of myself that are told for generations
3-4 I have portraits of most of my friends and I write regular letters to them
5-6 I go everywhere in a wagon or boat. It is my home and love of my life.
7-8 I'm always looking for new plants and seeds to improve my garden
9-10 I have a recipe book handed down for generations and seek to add to it with my own unique creations
11-12 I am the last of my family and I must keep their stories alive
13-14 I take from those who don't need things to give to those who do
15-16 I take the comforts of home with me wherever I go.
17-18 My home town is the most important thing in my life, even far away
19-20 I like to have a well-stocked food supply with delights from many places

Halfling Flaws

1-2 My lucks always seems to run out at the worst times
3-4 I have little respect for those who prefer to fight or kill
5-6 I can't resist an object with a good story to it
7-8 I'm never sure how these coins and trinkets end up in my pockets
9-10 I don't like change or new ideas
11-12 I feel hungry if I have less that five meals a day
13-14 When things get tough, I'm normally not there any more
15-16 I find it hard to leave behind any of life's comforts
17-18 Hiding is my answer to any dangerous challenge
19-20 I dislike hard work of any kind

Halfling Pies

1d20Halfling Pies
1-2 Lime Tart: On a crushed cookie base is a topping of lime juice, lime rind and some sort of cream. Often decorated with pieces of fruit
3-4 Cow and Beer Pie: This pie is stacked with beef soaked in local ale, enclosed by a lid of shortcrust pastry
5-6 Eye of Bird Pie: A chicken and carrot pie is made unusual by the addition of several birds’ eyes decorating the top of the pie. Popular during halfling festivals
7-8 Creamy Vegetable Crumble: This cheese-topped crumble is filled with turnips, carrots, parsnips, leeks, sweetcorn and more cheese.
9-10 Mystery Meat Pie: This plain pie has a thick creamy sauce and hunks of unidentifiable meat. Often gifts or trinkets are hidden inside.
11-12 Custard Pie: This simple pie is a sweet pastry base enclosing a thick custard filling.
13-14 Steak Pie: Stewed steak and sausages are covered in gravy and encased in pastry to form a traditional pie.
15-16 Cheese Pie: A thin pastry is filled with layers of at least three cheeses, with tomatoes and nuts mixed in.
17-18 Plum Pie: Chopped plums mixed with lemon juice, cinnamon and nutmeg provide the filling of this pie.
19-20 Onion Pie: Baked on a pastry base, topped by a mass of onions flavoured with nutmeg, sugar and cheese. A favorite of many stout halfings

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