Gloomy Villages of Strahd -  Encounter Tables
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Gloomy Villages of Strahd - Encounter Tables

Duncan Thomson
1 rat (an imp) spying for a local villain or roll on They Live Among Us

Simple encounters for Horror or Ravenloft using monsters from Curse of Strahd.

Tables for Gloomy Communities (levels 1-4 & levels 5-10), Village Beasts and They Live Among Us

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Among the villages of Ravenloft and Curse of Strahd the villagers are wary, superstitious folk. And with good reason, for the cloaked figure could be a werewolf, a mutant, a witch, a cultist or something far worse.

These villages could exist in Barovia or elsewhere in Ravenloft or the Shadowfell. Equally they might be influenced by dark powers or under an evil curse.

Gloomy Communities (Levels 1-4)

d8+d12Gloomy Communities lvl 1-4
2 1 enforcer (Izek Strazni stats - CoS) taking valuables from the locals
3 1d6 hooded mongrelfolk (CoS), begging and scavenging
4 1 broom of animated attack (CoS) sweeping, 1d2 wary children follow
5 2d4 nomadic tribal warriors with 1d3 wagons. With them is an elder (or hag) who claims to give true prophecies
6 1 rat (an imp) spying for a local villain or roll on They Live Among Us
7 1d4 bandits and 1d2 thugs planning on stealing livestock
8 1d4 unkempt cultist spewing insults and dark predictions
9 1 barovian witch (CoS) with a snake familiar, selling herbal remedies
10 1 wereraven (CoS) beggar or roll on They Live Among Us
11 2d4 cultists who live here, on lookout for a visitor, unsure of identity
12 2d4 semi-feral mastiffs or roll on Village Beasts
13 1d4 scouts returning from a successful hunt with pelts and meat
14 A coach pulled by white horses with a hooded wight driver
15 1d4+1 ravens squabble over a shiny ring or roll on Village Beasts
16 1d3 scarecrows recently possessed by malevolent spirits
17 2d6 commoners with a cart carrying a coffin. 1 acolyte chants loudly
18 1 sad-looking draft horse or roll on Village Beasts
19 1 veteran (Insight +2) hunting for shapechangers among the locals
20 1 spy and 1d4 thugs collecting taxes or gifts for a local authority

Gloomy Communities (Levels 5-10)

d8+d12Gloomy Communities lvl 5-10
2 1 flying coach pulled by 1d6 nightmares carries a traveling noble
3 1d2 bone devils watch the area. Curious why the group are here.
4 1d4 vampire spawn are trying to get invited to enter a fenced home
5 1 tree blight (CoS) came here at night and villagers leave it offerings.
6 1 gravestone golem (stone golem stats) is tending to a tomb or cairn
7 1 assassin is driving a cartload of coffins
8 A traveling group of 1 priest with 3d6 cultists are announcing the arrival of the End Times. They have 2d4 thugs for protection.
9 A wagon with 1d4 guards has a fortune teller (madam eva stats - CoS)
10 1 diseased gladiator is fleeing trouble and watching for pursuers
11 A caravan of wagons is protected by hooded skeletons. In charge are 1d2 cambions in human form selling exotic trinkets from far away
12 1 mage with a damaged flesh golem. They seek a way to repair it
13 1 chained spirit (chain devil stats) guards a shrine and spooks locals.
14 1d6 disguised wights are making elaborate plans to abduct a villager
15 1 old monster hunter (rictavio stats - CoS) is tracking a shapechanger
16 1 enforcer (Izek Strazni stats - CoS) has 1d2 caged trolls they are using to scare the villagers. Examples of terrors that lie beyond
17 2d4 ghasts on warhorse skeletons try to establish power in the area
18 A coven of 3 hags (any mix) have a bubbling brew in a cauldron. It is mounted on a cart pulled by boars and they want someone to try it.
19 1 gray slaad is disguised as a priest, seeking lore from local now dead
20 Several adventurers are bewildered as to where they are (1 drow mage, 1 gladiator, 1 hobgoblin captain and 1 lizardfolk shaman)

Village Beasts (Levels 1-4)

d4+d6Village Beasts lvl 1-4
2 1 old and limping dire wolf, watchful for scavenging opportunities
3 1 sad-looking draft horse, desperate for affection or attention
4 1 rat (a shapechanged imp) spying or a local villain
5 2d4 goats marked with red patterns
6 1d4+1 ravens squabbling over a shiny object
7 2d4 semi-feral mastiffs
8 1d6 donkeys (mule stats) with pack saddles, waiting for something
9 1 miserable gray cat covered in small bells
10 1 toad (a shapechanged quasit) looking for chances to cause trouble

They Live Among Us (Levels 1-4)

d4+d6They Live Among Us
2 1 spy with a hat of disguise
3 1 succubus / incubus
4 1 barovian witch (CoS) or 1 wereboar
5 1 doppelganger
6 1 werewolf
7 1 green hag
8 1 wereraven (CoS)
9 1 imp or 1 jackalwere
10 1 night hag

Strahd Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Strahd Tables Bundle on DM's Guild

More tables at Strahd Encounter Tables on DM's Guild