200 English-Sounding Place Names
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200 English-Sounding Place Names

Duncan Thomson
Jarford, Lewbrook, Camwick. Glenwatch South or Chipping Darburn

Place Names based on villages and towns in England. Tables for 200 English Based Place Names (shorter and longer columns)

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English-Based Place Names

These names are based on village and town names found in England, a variety of quirky naming patterns from Cornwall to Kent, Yorkshire to Herefordshire.

It is also easy to create your own by combining elements from names you like. North Longshaw becomes Little Longshore, or Warlaw becomes Exlaw.

Some names may also suggest names of nearby settlements. A village called Lower Lanrock may have an Upper Lanrock, Higher Lanrock or West Lanrock nearby

For more names there is an English Place Name generator at Chaos Gen. There is a pdf of these and more tables on Drive Thru RPG as 200 English-Based Place Names.

English Based Place Names on DriveThru RPG

Short and Long English Place Names

d100 Shorter Names Longer Names
1 Woodsall Kingston Whitreach
2 Colcot Ashington
3 Hogsall Bogawton Bridge
4 Lutdon Swanlington
5 Glensham Chelpans Green
6 Dunstry Queensgarden
7 Portbury Todnympton
8 Greyly Burnham Altable
9 Olcombe Saltwatch Wood
10 Tinbray Harewell Watch
11 Fordcombe East Lyley
12 Brimwith Tollfall Regis
13 Swingrove Tinfork Town
14 Ripchurch Oldgard Down
15 Shipham Cathill Heath
16 Stanroad Long Middleshaw
17 Ilbeck Glenwatch South
18 Hawknes New Wesmarket
19 Norcot Dunsisle Beacon
20 Barnwyn Northgarden
21 Alridge Hasrock Head
22 Darwold Hunthorpe Acre
23 Landtry Shipton Midgard
24 Redburgh Glastonlington
25 Preswold High Greatcot
26 Lonway Cranhampton
27 Jarford Stoke Halfinger
28 Worlaw Preslanding
29 Petley Tinhal Bridge
30 Crowtry Hinton Ashbridge
31 Malstock Walton Millstock
32 Halhall Cornminster
33 Canley Fordchester
34 Horncast Brimgard Forum
35 Gosbath Southwell
36 Uxsey North Longshaw
37 Skegfort South Boghead
38 Witbay Castle Jarchester
39 Cranburn Netherburton
40 Chelstow Warcroft Warren
41 Kingbray Grange Kenwold
42 Otsey Winterbourne Hardstow
43 Farfast Tamawton Forum
44 Batcot Chapel Basingworthy
45 Balburgh Buckly Combe
46 Axwyn Bletchstead
47 Kesham Barnhampton
48 Morrock Oldriver Village
49 Waddall Newpoint Morley
50 Kidmore Nether Clevehaven
  Shorter Names Longer Names
51 Cambury Oxshaw Hall
52 Ravengale Higher Kenhull
53 Wimthorpe Orton Witchester
54 Tenstow Silverbredy
55 Bilchester Tarrant Donhurst
56 Foxstable Swanharbour
57 Tamwold Witburne Island
58 Yatly Horhold West
59 Camwick Low Kidbeare
60 Durne Swinedale Watch
61 Melheart Northisle Beacon
62 Chesmore Wimstow Combe
63 Westhurst Wellingsall
64 Wickhead Downcroft End
65 Kirkburne Upton Jardall
66 Brackgard Wyke Hasstock
67 Rothcot Higher Marcombe
68 Romriver Over Abingsham
69 Ramcroft Harborough
70 Evernes Dudtry Head
71 Lewbrook Faircast Grave
72 Colham Hawkburton
73 Witsham Athercombe
74 Athergard Brenthaven
75 Excot East Todhampton
76 Queensjoy Presdall Down
77 Oakguard Adlingriver
78 Sealy Longcastle Isle
79 Longleigh Little Denstage
80 Northcast West Redstock
81 Sandburgh Goatcross Mere
82 Todhoe Preston Woodbury
83 Ratfast Durnympton Vale
84 Warbeck Whitnympton
85 Ipsguard Middlemark
86 Tarstage Church Salburne
87 Oxcrown Holme Northstable
88 Swanley Lower Marcombe
89 Herington Othead North
90 Gilhelm Old Denhold
91 Barnbay North Bradtry
92 Stourmark Whitefield
93 Durcot Temple Wanmark
94 Whitfleet Netherquay
95 Charkey Bishops Stonemark
96 Thorbeare Totwoods Island
97 Dursey Chipping Darburn
98 Conham Wickworthy Vale
99 Skipsey Upper Cornstow
100 Newtower Woodcrown Combe

More Place Names

For more names there is an English Place Name generator at Chaos Gen. There is a pdf of these and more tables on Drive Thru RPG as Spooky Alliterative Adversaries.

English Based Place Names on DriveThru RPG

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