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Dragonborn Character Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws - D&D 5e

Duncan Thomson
Rahishu is a dragonborn fighter who loves to tell stories about dragons. He believes in Honor but keeps a secret hoard he is always trying to add to.

Dragonborn Characters

Dragonborn are a race made popular with more recent editions of Dungeons and Dragons. They are associated with martial prowess, self-sufficiencey and... dragons.

They appeal to players who want something monstrous or different to the traditional races. 5E Dragonborn can choose a heritage from the chromatic dragons (black, blue, green, red, white) or one of the metallic dragons (brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver).

Here are tables for f character traits and ideals, then bonds and flaws.

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1 I like to shine my scales every day
2 I am fascinated by all types of gemstones
3 I try to match everyone I meet to a type of metallic or chromatic dragon
4 I love to tell stories about dragons
5 My friends know they can rely on me for anything
6 I am proud of my physique and tie my self worth to it
7 I have a love of riddles simple and complex
8 I know all of the stories told of dragons
9 I am always planning years and decades in advance
10 People know on sight they are looking at perfection. draconic perfection
11 I'm a snob who looks down on those who can't name at least three generations of ancestors
12 I always forget not everyone was hatched from an egg
13 No one can doubt that I am a true descendant of a dragon
14 I was, in fact, raised by dragons
15 I am fascinated by my own breath weapon
16 I fall in love easily with all types of creatures
17 I try to disguise or play down my draconic heritage
18 I feel sorry for those who don't command the power of dragons
19 When I'm stuck I think... "what would a dragon do?"
20 An insult to a dragon is an insult to me


1-2 Community. The power of family is because of the help we give each other
3-4 Beauty. To know perfection is to look upon me
5-6 Clan. Stand with the many not the few
7-8 Glory. I must seek out the greatest challenges to become a legend in my clan
9-10 Greed. If it's paying well then it's something I'm interested in
11-12 Honor. If I dishonor myself, I dishonor my whole clan
13-14 Order. There needs to be a clear hierarchy or chain of command.
15-16 Power. The power of dragons flows through us. They are feared for their might
17-18 Responsibility. My duty is to serve my clan and those who rely on me
19-20 Wealth. I must gather as much wealth as I can for my clan and community


1-2 I need to create a great inheritance for my offspring
3-4 A dragon gave my clan a task long ago, and I wish to see it fulfilled.
5-6 I seek to restore my lost honor at every step of the day
7-8 I have fallen in love with the tales around a particular dragon
9-10 I will face any challenge for the safety of my clan
11-12 I am in love with someone not hatched from an egg
13-14 I seek to slay a mighty dragon to make my name
15-16 Those I fight alongside are worth dying for
17-18 My ancestor was a noted dragon and I seek out their descendants
19-20 My clan are no more so I am adopting others into a new one


1-2 I am afraid of dragons and anything to do with them
3-4 I like to sleep on a bed of coins
5-6 My honor has been broken many times even though I pretend otherwise
7-8 I have been outcast from my clan, and carry an eternal shame
9-10 I'm always trying to add to my secret hoard
11-12 I am easily distracted by anything to do with dragons
13-14 I do not question my orders from clan or commanders
15-16 I'm obsessed with becoming a true dragon
17-18 I find it hard to back down if someone challenges my honor or courage
19-20 I'll do anything to get hold of the right piece of art or magic

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For more dragonborn tables try the dragonborn character tables on DM's Guild or the dragonborn character idea generator

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