Character Random Tables for D&D One-Shots
One Shots

Character Random Tables for D&D One-Shots

Duncan Thomson

The characters are all infamous giant hunters. Or all part of the same crew of a ship

Random tables For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

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[Art by Patrick E. Pullen]

Quick Adventure Tables for One-Shot Adventures

To move onto the adventure quickly characters in a one-shot should already know each other or have a strong reason to work together.

Consider using pre-generated characters or having a couple of back-up characters for a player who doesn't have character ready to go.

Backstories don't need to be long for a one-shot. A couple of sentences should be fine.

Characters sharing a D&D 5e background allows a shared theme with any class or race. Consider allowing the swap of a skill, language or tool if using shared backgrounds

Tables from available on DM's Guild along with similar tables. Inspired by One-shots random generator.

One Shots Random Tables on DM's Guild Quick Adventures Bundle on DM's Guild

Characters Descriptor

1d20Lower levelHigher level
1 brave renowned
2 fugitive the best
3 emotional secretive
4 cursed powerful
5 mutant or shapechanging> successful
6 penniless emotionally-scarred
7 lawful blessed
8 young veteran
9 desperate heroic
10 old or religious famous
11 good fiendish or shapechanging
12 hungry wealthy
13 dramatic egotistical
14 troubled respected
15 evil or outcast infamous
16 imprisoned or rebel troubled
17 novice elite
18 insane feared
19 chaotic despised
20 mercenary retired

Characters Shared Theme

1d20Lower LevelHigher Level
1 warriors cabal of arcane spellcasters
2 criminals dragon hunters or undead hunters
3 nobles saviours of a nation or city-state
4 pirates members of elite warrior group
5 same class or same race same class or same race
6 hermits or gladiators witch hunters or fiend hunters
7 spellcasters crime lords
8 farmers or knights leaders of a cult or military organisation
9 spies instructors at an academy
10 same race or same class same race or same class
11 sages monster hunters
12 entertainers guardians of something powerful
13 soldiers lords and ladies
14 guild artisans rulers of a city-state
15 same class or same race same class or same race
16 charlatans leaders of a religion or temple
17 folk heroes members of a ruling family
18 urchins landowners
19 acolytes giant hunters or abberation hunters
20 same race or same class same race or same class

Same Race or class

1d20Same Race or Class
1-2 humans or githzerai barbarians
3-4 elves or goliaths bards
5-6 dwarves or monstrous race rogues
7-8 dragonborn or firbolgs paladins
9-10 tieflings or aasimar fighters
11-12 halflings or tritons clerics
13-14 half-orcs or lizardfolk warlocks
15-16 half-elves or kenku sorcerers or monks
17-18 gnomes or tabaxi rangers or druids
19-20 humans or githyanki wizards

Alternative Group Background

For something different try one of these options

1d20Alternative Group Background
1-2 The PCs are all part of the same crew of a ship
3-4 The characters are all undead
5-6 The characters all belong to a circus
7-8 The characters are all small-sized characters (gnomes, halflings, goblins) that share a flying broomstick
9-10 The characters are all from the same village
11-12 The characters are all monsters of the same type
13-14 The characters are all shapeshifters (doppelgangers, lycanthropes, changelings)
15-16 The characters working for the same organisation such as a temple, or the Harpers
17-18 The characters are all members of the same crime family
19-20 The characters are all different monsters brought together by unusual circumstances

At Some Point...

1d20Quick Adventure Partway Through
1-2 there is a fire
3-4 they uncover a secret stockpile
5-6 there is a romantic complication
7-8 someone betrays them
9-10 a ghost gives them aid
11-12 there is a planar portal
13-14 an old friend appears
15-16 they encounter a magical trap
17-18 there is an earthquake
19-20 a rival turns up

More Encounters

These tables and more like it are available on DM's Guild in One-Shot Adventures.

One Shots Random Tables on DM's Guild Quick Adventures Bundle on DM's Guild