D&D Wilderness Encounters using the Monster Manual
D&D Encounters Wilderness

D&D Wilderness Encounters using the Monster Manual

Duncan Thomson
"1d6+1 blink dogs are looking for ways to defeat nearby displacer beasts"

Wilderness random encounters using the monster manual

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Wilderness Encounters using Monster Manual

Random encounters in the Wilderness with a mix of non-combat, low-level, mid level, beasts and locations. The tables have a sub-theme of bulls and hunting.

For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition using the Monster Manual.

Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild along with similar tables

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Wilderness Encounters Low Level (1-4)

1d20Wilderness Encounters Low Level (1-4)
1 A tribal warrior herding several goats and dreaming of a life of adventure
2 A few bandits are singing rude songs and invite you to join them
3 Several merfolk on a quest, unsure if have followed the correct river
4 A laughing veteran is training a pair of young wolves some tricks
5 1 dryad suspects any strangers of being in league with bull demons
6 1d4+2 axe beaks investigating a dead body or roll on Wilderness Beasts
7 1d6+1 blink dogs are looking for ways to defeat nearby displacer beasts
8 1d3 insect swarms have been attracted by the magic of a feywild portal
9 1 minotaur skeleton who protects several scared but well fed oxen
10 1d3 scarecrows are guarding a grove with rare herbs for a local druid
11 1 giant boar has found an area of truffles or roll on Wilderness Beasts
12 2d4+2 needle blights are being drawn to a place of evil nearby
13 1 manticore is scouting for creatures or beasts to hunt with its master
14 1d4 scouts mounted on giant bats are patrolling for a local faction
15 1 minotaur who expects to be offered meat. A local druid often feeds it
16 1d4+1 pixies and a faerie dragon (indigo) play tricks on strangers
17 1 ettin looking for someone to settle an argument between it's heads
18 1d4+2 pegasi looking for a companion that went missing with an elf
19 1d3 giant spiders and 1 awakened tree who ambush anyone with an axe
20 2d4+2 orcs led by 1 orog wearing bull masks. They are on a hunt

Wilderness Encounters Mid Level (5-10)

1d20Wilderness Encounters Mid Level
1 A ghost of a ranger who tried stopping savage hunts by evil creatures
2 A mage is searching for a rare herb to use in a magical ritual
3 A good knight mounted on a giant elk seeking allies to fight a great evil
4 A stone giant is making repairs to ancient stonework
5 A pack consisting of 1 werewolf, 1 winter wolf, 2 worgs and 1d6 wolves. They will leave others alone in exchange for meat or domestic animals
6 1 orc warchief is feeding 1 griffon mount in barding (armor class 14)
7 1 evil druid in a bull mask and 1d3 displacer beasts. They organize hunts
8 1d4+2 bugbears with 2d4 goblins and 1d3 hobgoblins led by 1 bugbear chief. They are following the tracks of a large bull
9 1 berserker riding a chariot pulled by 1d4+2 polar bears, singing loudly
10 1 wyvern that tries to snatch a mount or pack beast to take to its young
11 1 shambling mound controlled by 1 banshee who trades for beautiful art
12 1d3 lamias and 2d4 jackalweres are following a vision of an old tomb
13 2d6 lizardfolk and 1 lizard king/queen feeding 1 sacred giant crocodile
14 1 renegade frost giant is the protector of the surrounding wilderness
15 1d3 orc eyes of Gruumsh riding gorgons are following humanoid tracks
16 1 nycaloth has been bound to protect the area around old ruins
17 1d3 giant apes throw rocks at any perceived threats to their young
18 1 guardian naga watches over several nearby portals to the Feywild
19 1 behir is seeking shambling mounds. It loves using lightning on them
20 1 adult white dragon wants revenge on a tribe of orcs (higher level)

Wilderness Beast Encounters

1d20Wilderness Beast Encounters
1-2 1d4 giant goats or 1d4 crocodiles
3-4 1d4+1 apes. One of them is carrying a bulging leather bag
5-6 2d6 deer or 2d6 blood hawks
7-8 1 pteranodon with a saddle and a hopeful look
9-10 1d2 black bears or 1 triceratops
11-12 1d4+1 giant wasps with strange markings belong to a nearby tribe
13-14 2d4 wolves or 2d6 camels
15-16 1d6 vultures led by 1 giant vulture trailing a wounded creature
17-18 1d4 axe beaks or 1 giant toad
19-20 1d4 giant bats often hunted by locals as potential mounts

Wilderness Locations

1d20Wilderness Locations
1-2 Ford across a shallow river. There is a sack hanging from a tree
3-4 Wide Ravine with a bridge that is disguised by a hallucinatory terrain
5-6 Standing Stones surround a shrine to the moon. A corpse lies here
7-8 Old Trail leads through tall trees. Colored stones surround one tree
9-10 Ruins of a mill. It is surrounded by patches of razorvine (DMG pg 110)
11-12 Meadow of long grass. There are tracks of a monster under an hour old
13-14 Waterfall leads to a small lake with an island. A tent is set by a tree
15-16 Hut on stilts near an ivy-covered monument. There is a charred wagon
17-18 Spring that feeds into a fish-filled stream. Red flowers cover the area
19-20 Log Piles surrounded by mud. One area is quicksand (DMG pg 110)

More Encounters

These tables and more like it are available on DM's Guild in Monster Manual Encounters - City, Dungeon and Wilderness.

City, Dungeon and Wilderness Encounters using the Monster Manual on DM's Guild Encounters Mega-bundle on DM's Guild

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