D&D City Encounters using the Monster Manual
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D&D City Encounters using the Monster Manual

Duncan Thomson
"1 bugbear and 1 gargoyle looking for easy victims from the rooftops"

City random encounters using the monster manual

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City Encounters using Monster Manual

Random encounters in the City with a mix of non-combat, low-level, mid level, beasts and locations. The tables have a sub-theme of a snake cult

For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition using the Monster Manual.

Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild along with similar tables

City, Dungeon and Wilderness Encounters using the Monster Manual on DM's Guild Encounters Mega-bundle on DM's Guild

City Encounters Low Level (1-4)

1d20City Encounters Low Level (1-4)
1 A patrol of guards and a mastiff. They are asking lots of questions
2 An attractive spy with a handcart selling cheap potions and remedies
3 A few commoner street urchins looking for their cat that went missing
4 A noble artist recognizes a character and asks to draw their portrait
5 1d2+1 thugs looking for strangers to knock out for a local cult
6 2d4 stirges feeding on a diseased mule corpse or roll on City Beasts
7 1d2 ghouls dressed in rags, attempt to follow party and ambush them
8 1d4+1 aarakocra from a nearby abandoned tower, living as scavengers
9 1d3 half-ogres putting up posters advertising a local pit fight on soon
10 1 priest and 1d3 cultists recruiting for a recently arrived beast cult
11 1 escaped and hungry giant constictor snake or roll on City Beasts
12 1d4 kenku selling 1 hippogriff. It returns to the kenku as soon as it can
13 1d4+1 yuan-ti purebloods keeping their distance but lost and asking for directions to a nearby shrine
14 1 drunken veteran looking for a fight. Angry about a bad break-up
15 2d4 bandits and 1 bandit captain chasing an elf who ask group for help
16 1 bugbear and 1 gargoyle looking for easy victims from the rooftops
17 1 wight with 1d6+1 zombies all in hooded robes carrying spades and headed to a nearby graveyard
18 1d4+2 satyrs who are dancing in a celebration that heads out of the city
19 1 bone naga who is interested in recruiting the group into a local cult
20 A centaur and a berserker in bright costumes wrestling in the street. They gang up on anyone who interferes

City Encounters Mid Level (5-10)

1d20City Encounters Mid Level
1 A deva who watches over a tomb entrance *or roll on low-level city*
2 An otyugh who is a local celebrity, sometimes trading "gifts" for waste
3 A knight and several guards from a temple who patrol nearby streets
4 A treant who looks after local parks and is curious about world events
5 1 cult fanatic leading 2d4 ghouls and 1d6 cultists in a kidnap attempt
6 1 half-red dragon veteran has been guarding a covered wagon for four hours. Asks characters to find owner of the wagon.
7 1 lizardfolk shaman with 1d3 pet owlbears is looking for an alchemist
8 1 medusa, destitute after losing everything to a local snake cult
9 1 gladiator on a rhinoceros proclaiming their many deeds and victories
10 1d4+2 wererats lead by 1 bandit captain are about to rob a potion shop
11 1 young copper dragon looking for anyone who can best them at riddles
12 1d3+1 helmed horrors on patrol for threats to the city or the peace
13 A young couple are having a loud argument. A mage and a werebear
14 1 assassin preparing to publicly kill a politician. Recognizes a character
15 1 fire giant mercenary looking for work and flexible about pay
16 1 yuan-ti abomination with 1d4+1 malisons watching a victim as snakes
17 1 stone golem adorned with posters and amulets, roams the town making repairs but is occasionally dangerous
18 1d2+1 oni in humanoid form. Plotting dark deeds and hiring minions
19 1 dao looking for sites to buy slaves for their dungeon realm
20 1 archmage and 1 shield guardian looking for a new tower (higher level)

City Beast Encounters

1d20City Beast Encounters

1-2 1d6 mules or 1 monkey
3-4 1d2+1 flying Snakes carrying invitations to a cult meeting that night
5-6 2d4+4 giant rats or 1d6 camels
7-8 1d3 draft horses with an unattended cart or wagon
9-10 1 swarm of ravens or 1 giant spider
11-12 1 friendly cat which is the familiar for a local spellcaster
13-14 2d6 mastiffs or 1d4 boars
15-16 1d3 brown bear escaped from a laboratory or captivity
17-18 2d4 stirges or 3d6 goats
19-20 1 warhorse in chain barding and no rider in sight

City Locations

1d20City Locations
1-2 Stone Gate of dwarven make. A dying tree stands by a sturdy shrine.
3-4 Large Square with a large well. Writing and art cover many flagstones.
5-6 Fountain decorated with nude scenes. There is smoke from a fire
7-8 Haunted Bakery. It has a herb garden surrounded by an overgrown hedge. It is home to a poltergeist that sometimes bakes bread
9-10 Shrine to a power of life beside a polluted river and a few dying shrubs
11-12 Dark Alley with several piles of debris. There is a ladder and a handcart
13-14 Graveyard with bright tombstones. Ground is muddy and fern-covered.
15-16 Crumbling Tavern called the Last Stand. Canvas and rotten wood cover many holes. Several diseased cats live here.
17-18 Warehouse covered in ivy. Inside is a large pile of waste and bones.
19-20 Fenced Garden growing large vegetables and rare flowers. It is raining.

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These tables and more like it are available on DM's Guild in Monster Manual Encounters - City, Dungeon and Wilderness.

City, Dungeon and Wilderness Encounters using the Monster Manual on DM's Guild Encounters Mega-bundle on DM's Guild

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