Enhanced Encounter Tables [Updated]

Duncan Thomson

Encounters for all types of D&D and ways to enhance them.

They mirror the encounter generator over at ChaosGen.com.

Terrain Encounter Tables

Below is a table for the activity or state of creatures in an encounter.

And then encounters for low, mid and high level by terrain. Most also have a location table...

Encounters - arctic | coastal | desert | forest | grassland | hill | mountain | swamp | underdark | underwater | urban

These are enhanced by tables for Encounter Complications and a Reason to be There.

Encounter tables for all the terrains are in pdf format on DM's Guild in the the Terrain Encounter Bundle.

Tables of 1d8+1d12 or 2d10

The tables presented here are generated using 1d8+1d12, a table described in the Dungeons and Dragons 5E Dungeon Master's Guide (page 86). It gives you five most common values (8-12) and rarer results higher and lower in the table.

You could equally use 2d10 for a range of 2-20 which makes "11" the most common result.

Use these tables as is, as a base for your own tables or just for inspiration.

Encounter Activity or State

This table is used in the 5E Random Encounters generator at ChaosGen.com.

Use it to see what state a random encounter or planned encounter are in.

1d8+1d12The creatures encountered are...
2investigating a dead body
4having fun
5following a trail
6waiting for something or someone
8chasing or being chased by something
10stalking or being stalked by something
11foraging for food, plants or herbs
12searching the area
15making a lot of noise
17cleaning or washing themselves
18waiting in ambush or hiding
19fleeing something nearby
20investigating a cave entrance

What Do You Think?

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Enhanced PDF versions of all of these are available on DM's Guild with tables for locations, beasts, humanoids, hazards and other extras.

arctic pdf | coastal pdf | desert pdf | forest pdf | grassland pdf | hill pdf | mountain pdf | swamp pdf | underdark pdf | underwater pdf | urban pdf