100 Trinkets for Space Fantasy
Space Fantasy Trinkets Treasure

100 Trinkets for Space Fantasy

Duncan Thomson
A trio of matching seven-fingered gloves

Trinkets for your science fantasy adventures and campaigns mixing fantasy with the stars.

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Trinkets of Space Fantasy

Bits of spacefaring vessels, knicknacks from space ruins, obscure pop culture, travel essentials and other "treasures" for cosmic adventures. Space fantasy trinkets might be found on spacefarers, pirates, merchants, veteran captains, in a spacewreck, on an asteroid or orbiting station.

So here are trinkets for your characters in space fantasy campaigns.

There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of Space Fantasy  on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of Space Fantasy on DriveThru RPG

100 Trinkets of Space Fantasy

1d100Space Fantasy Trinkets
1 a gaudy souvenir mug from a famous moon
2 a dented steel cup, which produces bad coffee at random intervals
3 a pair of tin stars, that become glowing spurs when put on footwear
4 a tunic with a bright blue smiley face on it
5 a demonic shell, with a greeting to all living beings in forty languages
6 a woodcut of a space galleon, with details of a pirate agreement
7 a framed and illustrated space shanty with rude phrases
8 a bottle containing a reminder to file your taxes
9 a handheld device of metal and glass with lights, that does nothing
10 a travel guide to a planet that no longer exists
11 a leather ball which displays a treasure map on a dangerous world
12 a discount card for a space merchant that sells useless trinkets
13 a ticket for a cruise liner that was involved in a horrific accident
14 six small bottles of a beer no-one likes
15 a trio of matching seven-fingered gloves
16 a piece of bone coated with a reflective substance
17 a leather bag, which is much smaller inside that it should be
18 a military medal for an adequate performance in battle
19 a single clay boot with the mark of a famous admiral
20 a weightless humanoid skull, which hovers when released
21 a bag of simple toys, found on an orbital station
22 a colouring book depicting several rare carnivorous species
23 a twisted exit sign that glows green and blinks
24 an ape figurine of metal wire, which shifts position when no one sees it
25 a smoking pipe, which makes a marriage proposal when used
26 a sad clown mask, with eyes that sometimes glow
27 a dessicated spindly tentacle wrapped around a magnetic rod
28 an ornate charm of small suns, you traded with a smuggler
29 a model of a planet with three stars
30 an emergency bag with an empty vial, torn blanket and broken lantern
31 an eye patch that can turn into a drinks mat
32 a book with a team of heroes who could make weapons out of any junk
33 a glass rod with etchings, that is meant to detect magic, but never does
34 a badge of rank for a pleasure ship
35 a Journal of 1001 worlds, but all pages are blank
36 a travel food pack with an old roll, cloudy drink and some mouldy fruit
37 a black flag, with a message from another galaxy, that anyone can read
38 a pet blue amoeba, which is always watching you
39 a jar of bright yellow ants, which form into a message when opened
40 a bronze astrolabe marked with eight symbols unknown to you
41 a crystal, that when touched, displays a wizard in need of rescuing
42 a hand mirror, that shows alternate versions of the holder
43 a tiny asteroid that follows you around
44 an miniature extendible fishing rod
45 a list of customs and duties for a trading moon
46 a flashing blue screwdriver, said to belong to a time-travelling meddler
47 a locket with a portrait that reminds you of home
48 a mesmerising pair of crystal dice displaying ship types
49 a neck pillow in the shape of a worm
50 a five-sided wooden drum with hieroglyphics that float about it
51 an ivory frog statue covered with cosmic barnacles
52 a box with a hologram of a family member who waves at you
53 a leg bone inscribed with a prophecy spanning five planets
54 a wine glass with a straw and lid
55 a ship's journal with only five entries
56 a fragile crystal goblet that repairs itself in sunlight
57 a blood-stained scarf, that belonged to an infamous bounty hunter
58 a recipe book for colourful cocktails
59 a ghostly miniature starship that orbits your head
60 a deck of playing cards, depicting planets and space phenomenon
61 a luminous silverware set used in an elaborate space tea ceremony
62 a medical device that measures unknown forces
63 a list of cargo from a ship that disappeared long ago
64 a tiny wooden golem with many instructions, that only walks forwards
65 a watch that tells the time on your home world
66 a large loaf of tough bread, infested with luminous space weevils
67 a twisted steel pipe from a crashed ship
68 a tin of chewy fruity treats
69 an illustrated guide to 101 Foolish Ways to Die Out There
70 a tricorn hat with little moons sewn on
71 a set of runes used for reading omens for a space voyage
72 a circular metal device with ten numbered buttons
73 a jar of a powder that defies gravity
74 a shard of partly melted coloured glass, with tiny stars shining in it
75 an inflatable escape pod with lots of holes
76 a metal tool with several extensions, without any apparent uses
77 a tiny tree that feeds on moonlight and produces beads
78 a tin of tough biscuits in space themed shapes
79 a pair of earmuffs that plays annoying music
80 a metal tube with a neon light, given to your family by a famed pirate
81 an invitation to a friend's third funeral
82 a slime-covered device for counting, using triangles and squares
83 a harness for an octopus
84 a tiny beam weapon that always misses
85 a crystal jar with a crawling, shimmering slime
86 a toy sword that vibrates and glows bight purple
87 a suckered tentacle, encased in amber
88 a box of many labels, separated by shiny labels
89 a coin with a tiny force field around it
90 a runed egg that has been hatching for a century
91 a dozen adhesive labels, each marked with an arcane rune
92 a set of plans for building a shimmering tower on an moon
93 a guide depicting signs to say hello in fifteen systems
94 an audacious hat that belonged to a space buccaneer
95 a badly written script for a love story with space ghosts and dragons
96 a board game with lead and flint pieces, that few understand
97 a clockwork toy alien, that hides in unlikely places
98 a bolt cutter which is afraid of metal
99 a cap for a sports team no-one has ever heard of
100 a flashing no-running sign

There is a fantasy trinket generator at ChaosGen. Trinkets in pdf form at Trinkets of Space Fantasy  on DriveThru RPG.

Trinkets of Space Fantasy on DriveThru RPG

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