5E DnD Swamp Encounters

5E DnD Swamp Encounters

"As you approach the fly-covered ferry over a sluggish river, a gaunt figure jumps in the river and starts to swim away. You make out several more pale figures fearfully watching you from the jetty and boat."

What has made then skittish? are they ghouls or other creatures?

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Swamp Encounters

Encounters in the swamp often involve muddy waters, tangled vines and foggy fens. They might occur by a hut on stilts, a sludge-covered island or a pool of quicksand.

The mists of the swamp hide many things, from the ruins of civilisations to shifting currents. Frogs and reptiles of all kind are found here, living alongside lizardfolk and snake-like abominations.

There is a 5e swamp random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Swamp Encounters.

Swamp Encounters on DM's Guild Terrain Encounters Bundle for 5e

Swamp Encounter Tables - creatures | locations | non-combat | enhancements

Swamp Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Swamp Levels 1-4
21 Giant Crocodile
31d2 Wights
41d3 Swarms of Snakes
51d6 Giant Lizards or Giant Frogs
63d6 Tribal Warriors
71 Green Hag
82d6 Stirges or Giant Rats
91d6 Crocodiles
102d6 Bullywugs
111d4 Giant Toads
121 Will-'o-wisp
131 Swarm of Insects
142d4 Mud Mephits or Lizardfolk
151d6 Giant Poisonous Snakes
162d4 Scouts or Orcs
171d4+1 Lizardfolk led by a Lizardfolk Shaman
181d4+1 Ghouls led by a Ghast
191d2 Yuan-ti Malisons
201 Shambling Mound

Swamp Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Swamp Levels 5-10
21 Young Black Dragon
32d4+1 Wights
41d3 Giant Crocodiles
53d6 Lizardfolk led by a Lizard King
61d4 Trolls
72d6 Ghouls lead by 1d4+1 Ghasts
81 Giant Crocodile and 1d4+1 Crocodiles
91 Hydra
102d6 Lizardfolk with 2d4 Giant Lizards
11Roll on Swamp Levels 1-4 table
121d2 Shambling Mound(s)
131 Druid with 2d6 Giant Toads or Giant Lizards
142d4 Yuan-ti Malisons
154d6 Tribal Warriors led by 1d4+1 Scouts
161d3 Wights with 3d4 Zombies
173d6 Orcs led by an Eye of Gruumsh
181d3 Revenants
191 Yuan-ti Abomination
20A coven of 3 Green Hags

Swamp Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Swamp Levels 11+
21 Marid and 1d3 Water Elementals
32 Young Black Dragons
46d6 Lizardfolk with 1d3 Lizardfolk Shaman and 1 Lizard King
51 Adult Black Dragon
62d6 Wights led by 1 Revenant
71 Young Adult Dragon with 1d3+1 Giant Crocodiles
81d4+4 Trolls
91d3+1 Yuan-ti Abominations and 2d4 Yuan-ti Purebloods
103d6+10 Lizardfolk with 1d4+1 Trolls
11Roll on Swamp Levels 5-10 table
122d4 Giant Crocodiles
132d6+10 Orcs led by 1 Orc Warchief and 2d4 Orogs
142d4 Water Elementals
152d6 Yuani-ti Malisons led by 1 Yuan-ti Abomination
161d4+1 Trolls and 2d4 Ogres
171d4+1 Druids with 1d3+1 Shambling Mounds
182 Hydras
191d2 Yuan-ti Abominations and 2d4 Swarms of Snakes
202d4 Will-'o-wisps with a coven of 3 Green Hags

More Encounters

For a PDF version of swamp encounters with more tables check out Swamp Encounters on DM's Guild.

Table Rolls - Swamp Encounters Terrain Encounters Bundle for 5e

These tables inspired my 5E swamp encounters generator at Chaos Gen.

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