Collected Encounter Tables on DM's Guild
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Collected Encounter Tables on DM's Guild

Duncan Thomson

I mentioned in February ago that I was starting to publish titles with more random tables and now I have.

Collected Encounter Tables

At over 60 pages this is over three times the size of my next largest title.

Collected Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Encounters Mega-Bundle on DM's Guild

It's a collection and refinement of encounter tables from over 20 other D&D encounter titles, adding a few new terrains and separating out the monster and NPC tables.

Here's the contents page!

Tables Particulars

First I've switched over to d20 for the encounters. This makes more sense for a collection designed with broader appeal. The bell-curve of d8+d12 used in other encounters is useful for tables for different rarities and will still be used in standalone terrains such as the next Farmland Encounters.

A 20 on many tables is an encounter of slightly higher challenge. Such as 20 on Grasslands 1-4 being a bulette (CR 5) and 20 on Grasslands 5-10 being an archmage (CR 12).

The first encounter on each entry uses just the Monster Manual. Alternative encounters in italics might also use Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes and Volo's Guide to Monsters.

Lastly there are no higher-level encounter tables (level 11+). Levels 1-10 are far more popular than higher levels and I wanted to keep each terrain to a single page.

Encounters by Terrains

It has 22 Terrains and 7 Planar Environments. Each has a single page and at four tables.

  • Encounters level 1-4. Table with 20 entries with at least four being beasts (entries at 3, 8, 13 and 18), 1 being an NPC encounter, 11 being a hazard, 12 being a mounted encounter and 20 a CR 5 creature.
  • Encounters level 5-10. Table with 15 entries. 1-2 being an NPC encounter,  11 being a hazard, 12 being a mounted encounter and 20 a CR 12+ creature.
  • Encounter Details. Table with 20 entries of what creatures might be doing or where they are. Entries 1-10 are appropriate for any creature (thus a d10 can be used for beasts such as lions or goats). 11-20 are entries normally performed by intelligent creatures such as making a map or cutting through undergrowth. A 20 is a permanent magic item with an alternative for a potion or other one-use item.
  • Terrain Beasts. Table with 10 entries of "beasts" appropriate for the terrain. Beasts being a loose term including tigers, giant wasps and dinosaurs, but also stirges, hippogriffs and chokers. For some Planar Environment this table is broader, such as "Upper Planes Creatures".

Encounters by Creature Type

There are also 35+ tables by creature type such as Aberrations, Fire Creatures, Undead, Elves, Gnolls and Warriors.

These tables vary a bit more, with most having tables for level 1-4 and 5-10 but others having subtables such as allies or pets.

Each creature type has a Encounter Details table, but with all entries being (hopefully) appropriate for whatever the result is. So giants "having a race" or a restless spirit "making crude drawings on a wall" (using chalk / mud / blood or the like).

Recent articles have some samples such as River, Dungeon, Sky and Market.

Collected Encounter Tables on DM's Guild Encounters Mega-Bundle on DM's Guild

Finishing Up

So it's also in a bundle. Hope you enjoy it if you get hold of it.



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