Tables at the Table. A List of RPG Random Charts
Random Tables in RPGs

Tables at the Table. A List of RPG Random Charts

Duncan Thomson

Listing some of the tables used in RPG Games.

Random Tables used at the Table

Thinking about random tables and how they have been used in roleplaying games, I decided to make a list of ones that came to mind.

Ones used in character creation and during actual play. So not ones for creating random dungeons or NPCs.

My background is strongly influenced around British RPGs as well as various editions of D&D. and more recently solo rpgs and games.

A Lost of RPG Random Charts

  • Trinket tables (D&D 5e)
  • Character Career (WFRP)
  • Career Flavour tables (Warlock!)
  • Names (many rpgs)
  • Random Encounter Tables (many rpgs)
  • Starting Talent (WFRP)
  • Dooms (WFRP 2E)
  • Critical Hit tables (many rpgs)
  • Wild Magic Tables (Various D&D editions)
  • Insanity Tables (WFRP)
  • Character characteristics (weight, hair, eye colour, traits, flaws, bonds etc - various rpgs)
  • Distinguishing Marks (WFRP, other rpgs)
  • Background Tables (several rpgs)
  • Chaos Manifestations (magic gone wrong in WFRP)
  • Starting Equipment (Knave)
  • Subject and theme tables (solo rpgs)
  • Random Spell (many osr games)
  • Fear Effects (Savage Worlds)
  • Something Happens (systemless)

Finishing Up

This is only a partial list, that will get updated as we look more at random tables and how they are used in RPGs.

Any big ones I've missed?