Heart of the Isle of Oracles - Encounters, Locations, Treasures and Oracles

"Isle's Heart. At the center of a lake is an old tower claimed by an oracle. It has magic wards and there are records of many divinations..."

A location from the Inner Isles Locations random table.

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Isle of the Oracles - Inner Isle Tables

The tables of the inner isle detail encounters, locations, treasures and the oracles.

The Isle of the Oracles is an Adventure Site using random tables. Use, adapt or steal anything that is useful for your games.

The themes of Cats [Ct], Sea [Se], Sky [Sk] and Temple [Tp] can be supported using the Isle of Oracles.

Each table has entries supporting them.

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Isle of the Oracles.

Isle of the Oracles - Adventure Site Sea Adventures Bundle

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Inner Isle Encounters

For only non-combat encounters roll 1d4, for only level 1 roll 1d8, or 1d12 for only levels 1-2.

Some alternatives from Mythic Odysseys of Theros [MOoT]

1d20Inner Isle Encounters
1 Keyleth (Oracles table 7-8) studies the sky's reflection in a bowl of water. [Tp]
2 Featherfall (Oracles table 17-18) is politely turning away a commoner who has no offerings. [Sk]
3 Aunty Nymeria (Oracles table 9-10) is making a shell mosaic. [Se]
4 Ilmadia (Oracles table 19-20) is asking questions of a sleepy lion. [Ct]
5 1d3 satyrs like to get visitors drunk and steal whatever they can.
6 1d6 giant goats or roll on Beasts
7 A sea druid is trying hard to grow a seaweed garden. [Se]
8 1d4 tribal warriors look after a herd of goats marked by a deity [Tp]
9 1d3 scouts are sworn to protect the isle and hawk companions [Sk]
10 1d3 sahuagin (or 1 triton shorestalker - MOoT) hunt for something [Se]
11 1d4 giant seagulls (giant vulture stats) or roll on Beasts
12 A scout riding a tiger watches visitors to the island [Ct]
13 A visitor (roll on NPCs) is arguing with several acolytes about seeing an oracle. They are not happy and conflict is imminent. [Tp]
14 A veteran is in a foul mood, brooding over a foretelling they didn't like.
15 A confident manticore (Cha 14, Deception +4, Persuasion +4) pretends to be an oracle, demanding offerings [Ct] [Sk]
16 1d3 centaurs are watching for island visitors. They might help or hinder.
17 1d4 lions, one of which has a magnificent mane that glows (or 1 fleecemane lion - MOoT); They try to ignore the group. [Ct]
18 1d2 merrow are performing menial labor for an oracle. [Se]
19 1 knight with 1d3 guards and 1d3 acolytes are patrolling [Tp]
20 A young chimera (74 hp, challenge 5) is claiming the isle as theirs [Sk]

Inner Locations of the Isle

1d20Inner Locations of the Isle
1-2 Isle's Heart. At the center of a lake is an old tower claimed by an oracle. It has magic wards and there are records of many divinations.
3-4 Wise Feline. A stone statue of a many legged cat has a bowl that takes offerings. It can answer questions as divination. [Ct]
5-6 Singing Falls. A precarious temple is at the top of a waterfall. Voices are heard from the waters and many claim to receive visions here. [Tp]
7-8 Cave of Salt. A cave with a saltwater pool connects to the sea via underwater tunnels. It has many drawings of sea monsters [Se]
9-10 Aerie of Visions A spire has many caves and roosts for birds and winged creatures. It is the highest point of the island. [Sk]
11-12 House of the Dream. A ramshackle inn offers expensive food and beverages to visitors. It has one customer... (roll on Isle NPCs).
13-14 Sanctum of the Sea On a river bank is a sacred rock (or statue) where a sea deity once slept. Several giant crabs and a hallow protect it [Se]
15-16 Sunny Spot. This large slab of stone is continually in warm sunlight during the day. A few felines always slumber here. [Ct]
17-18 Hope Springs. Beside a clear pool is a marble shrine adorned with unique amulets. Nearby are a few wooden huts. [Tp]
19-20 Harpy's Gap. Winds channeled through a gorge cause a wail audible across the isle. There is an unstable portal to a plane of air [Sk]

Treasures of the Isle

1d20Treasures of the Isle
1-2 A lifelike silver eye worth 100 gp or a potion of clairvoyance
3-4 wind fan or winged boots. [Sk]
5-6 A conch horn that grants Proficiency to anyone trying to play it. Worth 150 gp [Se]
7-8 candle of invocation or scroll of geas [Tp]
9-10 A clockwork cat that prowls around and then leaps on things. [Ct]
11-12 eyes of charming or gloves of swimming and climbing
13-14 A book of prophecies about a single deity [Tp]
15-16 figurine of wondrous power - panther (as serpentine owl but takes the form of a panther). [Ct]
17-18 trident of fish command or pearl of power. [Se]
19-20 A bag of feathers of various lengths and colors. Worth 50 gp . [Sk]

Oracles of the Isle

Each island has 1-3 oracles. Each has a preferred offering and way of answering questions. Some might answer one question or as many as they like. Any of the inner isle locations are a suitable place to meet an oracle. It is up to the DM on the truth in answers given by an oracle. The spells augury, divination, commune, contact other plane and legend lore have examples of answering questions.

1d20Oracles of the Isle
1-2 Godemes is a cyclops storyteller with a gold collar. They prefer offerings of stories and make divinations from nearby objects.
3-4 Aunty Nymeria is a sarcastic sea hag with seashell jewelry. They like gifts of unusual shells and divine by throwing shells into water [Se]
5-6 Ilmadia is a changeable were-tiger (or leonin berserker) with heavily scarred arms. They like offerings of small animals. Their predictions are ade after staring long and deepl into the eyes of the asker. [Ct]
7-8 Keyleth is an emotional priest (or oracle - MOoT) with worry beads. They like offerings of art using precious metals. They make dramatic predictions using smoke and a source of water. [Tp]
9-10 Featherfall is a friendly young blue dragon with many silver scales. They like silver offerings and make predictions by studying clouds [Sk]
11-12 Meris is a kind medusa (or night hag) with a toolbelt. They like promises of worthy deeds and divine using a deck of picture cards
13-14 Nulara is an ugly cult fanatic with an assortment of scars. They like offerings where the asker gives something up permanently. They give predictions in the form of bad rhymes. [Tp]
15-16 Boil is a scheming sahuagin priestess with pet crabs. They like offerings of complex puzzles. Their predictions involve seaweed [Se]
17-18 Tarka is a sleepy gynosphinx with a mane of feathers. They like offerings of food and make predictions by casting legend lore [Sk] [Ct]
19-20 Bastet is a playful lamia who gives predictions by watching flames and who's preferred gift is a little blood from the asker [Ct]

More Tables

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Isle of the Oracles.

Isle of the Oracles - Adventure Site Sea Adventures Bundle

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