Building the Hollows of Havoc. Rolling Solo
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Building the Hollows of Havoc. Rolling Solo

Duncan Thomson

The Green Cave Comrades have continued their adventures but here I'm building the Hollows of Havoc

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At the Hollows of Havoc

I started my exploration of Solo RPGs with the adventures of the Green Cave Comrades. Their adventures have continued but I've decided journaling it is better left to Solo Play Podcasts.

They are now returning to a version of the Caves of Chaos. They lost 4 adventurers here in the first session.

And now I'm going to build a modified version of it for my solo game. Using random tables to detail the Hallows of Havoc.

Building the Hollows of Havoc

While the original adventure was the Caves of Chaos, I didn't have a copy and only needed to go by what the group knew.

They knew there were caves inhabited by a variety of monsters. There were goblins and at least one ogre. And probably a connection to the Ruins of Pozstone. Also I was moving to the rpg Warlock! so different monsters became appropriate.

There was a table for Caves Encounters from the earlier in the game. But I didn't feel the need to keep much from it. Just the essentials. I also wanted the concept of Chaos or Havoc as being linked to the caves somehow.

So I kept goblins and ogres from the caves and the sinister cultists became water cultists. Another result pointed towards the Ruins of Pozstone, tying it to the rest of the game.

Looking through Warlock! creatures, the lizardfolk and ghouls were kept. Ratfolk were added as they seemed ideal for a cave complex. Then "Other humanoids" and "Big monster" could cover many other possibilities.

For the situations I wanted to emphasise the caves and interactions with other groups within the hollows.

Hollows of Havoc  Encounters

1d10Encounter CreatureSituation
1 Goblins With captives
2 Ogre Interacting with other inhabitants
3 Water cultists Spying on other inhabitants
4 Roll on Ruins of Pozstone Improving a cave
5 Lizardfolk Something with water. Roll on Pozstone Ruins situation
6 Ratfolk Attracted to the are
7 Ghouls Looking for food / desperate for food
8 Other humanoids Watching a cave
9 Big monster Heading out into the forest
10 Roll twice and combine Looking for Heart of the Caves

Hollows of Havoc Challenges and Treasures

Going beyond encounters I used the same format as previous world building. Using Hazards for non-combat challenges, and "Treasure" with a complication as rewards for the party.

For these tables I again leant on the tables from Ruins of Pozstone, bringing in elements of cave adventures. I also wanted to bring in concepts of Havoc or chaos and there being some kind of manifestation of it in the hollows.

1d10HazardTreasureTreasure Complication
1 Alarm/sentry Dead body Guarded
2 Unstable cave Coins Warded
3 Ooze/mould Human goods Caonnected to the caves
4 Cave spirit Havoc magic item Roll on Hazards
5 Roll on Ruins of Pozstone Hazards Havoc temporary item Alarmed
6 Trap Lore on the Hollows Tied to plot
7 Cave beast Something from Lakelands (surrounding area) From Pozstone
8 Hollows arcana An ally Damaged
9 Way in deeper A safe place to rest Belong to cave dwellers
10 Escaped captive Pozstone item Hidden or partially hidden

Future Tables

These tables have worked in solo pretty smoothly, giving results that make sense but also with some surprises.

If doing these again I would pair up hazards with a locations table to complement it.

Finishing Up

Have you built your own random tables for solo play?